14 Oct

Atleo Time to stop fingerpointing on Attawapiskat and smash the status quo

first_imgAPTN National NewsAssembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo is meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper Thursday afternoon as the political fallout over the housing crisis in Attawapiskat continues to escalate.The Conservative government has put Attawapiskat under third-party management, meaning an outside consultant will take over the administration of the band’s finances.Opposition politicians say the Conservatives are blaming Attawapiskat for its housing crisis instead of doing something to immediately improve the situation.Atleo said it'[s time to stop the blame game.“We need to move beyond the finger-pointing and blaming and first of all support the people of Attawapiskat,” said Atleo. “More broadly, we need to absolutely smash the status quo.”Harper is expected to meet with First Nations leaders in January for a historic First Nations-Crown summit.last_img

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