28 Feb

Open Taobao shop to sell what is better How to find sources

e-commerce is the direction and inevitable trend of the development of business model, with the continued increase in the number of Internet users around the world, e-commerce will be unlimited scenery. But this does not mean that the sky will fall pie, casual can let the shop make a lot of money. In fact, the same as the store, shop also need to pay the wisdom and effort. A new shop opened as entities in the quiet side streets, at first mostly through continuous promotion of No one shows any interest in, and gather popularity, expand awareness, cultivate customer groups, business can be gradually improved, finally prosper. read more

28 Feb

Wanton winter Microsoft hardware to help you at home and efficient office Entertainment

with the pace of winter gradually approaching, the increasingly cold weather so that more and more people become a "go out", the company’s air conditioning and home heating has become the favorite of the office workers. In the cold to do not want to go out of the day, Microsoft hardware family good equipment company, you can still achieve high productivity and good entertainment experience, avoid cold caused by burnout, to help you easily.

health control, touch finger vertical enjoy: Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse read more

28 Feb

MySpace new CEO e commerce model

Beijing time on April 25th morning news, according to foreign media reports, news group Saturday announced the appointment of Facebook former chief operating officer Erwin (Owen Van Natta) – fannada for its social networking site MySpace CEO, replacing the day before the departure of Chris – Dvov (Chris DeWolfe).

39 year old fannada although workplace experience less, but because the stable operation of the rapid development of Facebook and by the industry highly, and he before joining the Facebook, was in charge of business development and received rave reviews from amazon. read more

28 Feb

The United States in 2013 overall performance gains across the board strategy to upgrade O2M

at present, the domestic retail industry is still in the transformation of the way, e-commerce and traditional retail, is zero and still win? O2O mode around a heated debate between flooded their traditional retail and e-commerce. In March 20th, the overall strategy to benefit from the advantages of a strong supply chain and timely adjustment of the United States in 2013 annual results rosy. Results announcement shows that as of December 31, 2013 12 months, the United States sales revenue of about 56 billion 401 million yuan, an increase of 10.4%. The United States in 2013 reached 892 million yuan profit, consolidated gross profit margin to return to historic highs of 18.4%, same store growth also reached $13.7%. Not only a strong return to profitability track, a number of data is higher than the industry level. read more

28 Feb

Electricity distribution platform to join the chaos high return empty

electricity supplier industry hot, so that C2C distribution platform to become a liar rampant. The day before, consumers have said to reporters reflect, to join a company called "star international business" distribution platform. I have lost thousands of dollars.


network currently there are a lot of similar distribution platform, the platform mode is: the establishment of online mall for investors, with various nominal promotional costs, but because of the lack of traffic, as high as 70% of the profits to deliver goods price. read more

28 Feb

Tmall announced the Spring Festival data new year six adult mobile phone online shopping


technology news February 25th evening news, Tmall today disclosed the Spring Festival Closing data show that the use of mobile phone online shopping during the Spring Festival, six adult diapers, milk and other baby products are most popular among consumers in the Department in life. For Tmall international overseas business as usual goods delivery, imported chocolate, health care products, cosmetics and other foreign special purchases for the Spring Festival by the blitz. New year’s Eve to the beginning of six, sales of electricity increased by 2.65 times, the city of Tmall supermarket department store sales surged by 42 times. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, respectively, ranked the top three cities in the Spring Festival online shopping. read more

28 Feb

EBay and Ping An Group to cooperate to provide loans for small sellers

Internet financial innovation and sprout a new model. Yesterday, the electricity supplier platform eBay and China Ping An Group reached a cooperation, the two sides will work together to provide loans to small and medium domestic sellers. It is worth noting that the business is clearly a "big data" loans — it tastes without collateral and guarantees, completely rely on online sellers to complete the analysis of management of credit rating, the highest single loan amount reached 1 million yuan. read more

28 Feb

Report center tip Double 11 beware of three kinds of network fraud

annual double 11 electricity supplier promotions are both Internet users shopping carnival season, but also a variety of online shopping fraud season. Fraudsters are waiting in the wings, ever-changing means of fraud, so many users suffer, reporting center to remind the majority of Internet users pay attention to prevention.

1, online shopping refund fraud

criminals take advantage of "double 11" peak "open slowly, panic buying online banking transactions dull machine, fake sellers send transaction card refund message", luring consumers access to phishing sites, taking the online banking account password. read more

28 Feb

Electricity supplier war who profit

is unable to forgive, single day electricity supplier war have passed such a long time, just remember to write an article, now the media is overwhelming about single day electricity supplier war news, for the electricity supplier war who profits? It is all what each one airs his own views.

, Tmall, Taobao electric war, Jingdong such as suning.com mall, the bachelor day can be said to be awfully busy. The electricity supplier war compared with the past, it should be more successful, why do you say that? read more

28 Feb

Electricity supplier quality ushered in Standardization focus on the fight against fake letters

reporter Tao Li Hangzhou reported

in the face of the electricity supplier industry emerge in an endless stream chaos, regulators shot again.

April 6th, the national e-commerce Quality Management Standardization Technical Committee was formally established in Hangzhou. This means that China’s electricity supplier industry is expected to usher in the era of standardization. According to reports, the committee will focus on quality management, electronic commerce, quality supervision, quality and integrity of the quality risk control and other aspects of the formulation of national standards, improve the standard system, promote the standardization of comprehensive reform and participate in international standardization activities. read more

28 Feb

Gaopeng denied selling fake Tissot promised unconditional return

the evening of November 1st, group purchase site Gaopeng for consumers accusing it of selling fake Tissot’s response, said the sale of the Tissot Gaopeng group purchase all goods, but consumers are still skeptical as promised unconditional return.

friends questioned aspects discloses the product review process for the response: before Tissot group purchase online, Gaopeng review Tissot level and level two agent qualification, while deployed two Tissot store samples sent to the inspection, are genuine. The 15 Tissot to third party inspection in Tianjin, Tissot store in Suzhou, three in Wuxi City, including the Suzhou Suzhou Park Rainbow Department Store (Tissot monopoly cabinet), Wuxi Commercial Mansion (Tissot Tissot exclusive cabinet official repair center in Binjiang Road, Heping District, Tianjin area) the Lebin Department (Tissot zhuanmaigui the test results also for the real thing). read more

28 Feb

Xu Dehong a new play offbeat network for business

this article published in the new play China business electricity supplier 3.26 issue, the traditional enterprise network for a column, published after the slightly cut, this is not the original version of the cut. Share to everyone!

people often focus on the traditional line of clothing brand will know, traditional brands under the line between fighting often lies in its channel store expansion rate. Under the environment of market competition more fully online today, a group of foresight of the traditional brands, is called electronic commerce by means of a tool and quickly opened the distance between competitors, let hindsight flinch. Online retail this new thing, is attracting many traditional brands have been engaged in e-commerce this blue ocean market. The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, traditional brands in the business is often the result of "fishing in the sea, and many large networks, but rarely catch fish". read more

28 Feb

CNNC released CN domain promotion notice registration price dropped to 1 yuan

According to a reliable source of news, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has been in the afternoon of 6 to the domain name registration services issued a notice, notice that the CN domain name registration price from 7 at noon at the beginning of 12 dropped to 1 yuan, but the renewal and transfer price unchanged.

CNNIC at 2 p.m., the official announcement of this message, the following is a notice to the domain name registration agency CNNIC:

CNNIC issued to the domain name registration services notification read more

28 Feb

New business summit the electricity supplier to the network operators need more time to upgrade Ali

Sina Technology Ding Zhuang

The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma has a pet phrase: today is difficult, tomorrow is difficult, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Ali CEO Zhang Yong in the new network business summit has said, today is also good, because the Internet is affecting the full range of business, all the company into a network.

from September 7th to 8, sponsored by the network operators in the world’s 2015 new business summit held in Hangzhou. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong, a public Ali executives attended. IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge, Didi fast President Liu Qing, millet science and technology president, such as an important guest delivered a speech on behalf of Lin Bin. read more

28 Feb

n fact e commerce = cheap integrity

has been in the care of many webmaster experience of layout of the user, but it ignores the most important point: there is no thought of what users want, how to buy, how to make customers feel satisfied to buy. In fact, e-commerce = cheap + integrity. This is the most fundamental, the other is empty talk.

take my own shopping experience, the mainstream B2C sites have taken into account the user experience this point. The last time I bought a camera and help colleagues to buy two mobile phone, before the Jingdong, Newegg, see the. Say my experience. read more

28 Feb

Eight feasible suggestions for creating a strong brand of e commerce

recently in pink net OA made up of a small survey, the results of the more than and 300 need to mention the brand that is recognized by the following


BtoC class of mall of excellence, Dangdang, Jingdong, items such as makeup, Martha Marceau, Eric

class CtoC Taobao, ah

class BtoB Alibaba

payment of the Alipay

and many colleagues believe that there are a number of brands is high visibility, low awareness, belong to know the kind of


you can have the benefits of a brand:

has more pricing power, the right to speak, you can get more investment, you can build a larger enterprise, you can expand your career to more profitable industry. read more

28 Feb

Five years of e commerce logistics planning will be implemented in the implementation of the top six

23, the Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transportation and other 6 ministries issued the "national e-commerce logistics development plan (2016-2020)", pointed out that with the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, the electricity supplier logistics demand will maintain rapid growth, the channel sink and "going out" to highlight trends, will enter a new stage of comprehensive social production and service people’s life. By 2020, to basically form a perfect layout, structural optimization, powerful, efficient operation, quality service, the electricity supplier logistics system, information technology, standardization, intensive development to make significant progress. read more

28 Feb

Taobao allows massive sellers to find a way to survive


with sales of 35 billion yuan for the "double 11" ending, taobao.com followed for "double 12" activities for preheating. On taobao.com President Zhang Yu’s eyes, for up to two weeks for "double 12" activity is not like "double 11" on the sales of products, but to create the Taobao ecosystem health and safety, help the many small and beautiful Taobao sellers to find their own way of life.

highlight the long tail advantage

last year, "double 12" will be the theme of the location is not the same Amoy, highlighting the personality of Taobao this year, "universal Taobao" theme highlights the advantages of the long tail. Zhang Yu said that this is the hope that more small sellers in Taobao to tap their potential development space. read more

28 Feb

Refinancing 3 billion 300 million and Groupon has a world of difference s

in January 2016 18, a number of media broke the news group public comments received a new $3 billion 300 million round of financing, financing of the new company will exceed $18 billion valuation. The financing also hit the highest record of the amount of private equity financing in the domestic Internet industry, but also the world’s largest O2O financing projects.

had been a big news he has completed the $2 billion 800 million financing, it seems the rumors are not true, the official announcement of the new financing is $3 billion 300 million, which shows the capital market for the new look. Compared with the United States but shortly before the group purchase originator Groupon announced layoffs of about 1100 people, and withdrew from America, South Asia, northern Europe and other international markets, the market value has plummeted, now only $1 billion 800 million, and the new China has not on an order of magnitude. read more

28 Feb

Liu Qiangdong went to Yunnan to meet Zhu Shijian the two sides will cooperate Chu orange


group CEO Liu Qiangdong in Yunnan before Yuxi met with well-known entrepreneur, founder of Zhu Shijian Chu orange. Following the meeting, Chu orange has appeared in the Jingdong mall yesterday.


technology news November 21st afternoon news, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong group in Yunnan before the day in Yuxi and met with well-known entrepreneur, founder of Zhu Shijian Chu orange. Following the meeting, Chu orange has appeared in the Jingdong store, yesterday day, the two sides may carry out more cooperation on Chu orange Internet sales, export and other matters. read more