14 May

LaLiga says that the FEF is not competent in its Europlan

first_imgIn addition to this, and in relation to the National Cup (Copa del Rey in Spain), depending on the different cases, the Europa League Regulation of the current cycle (Regulations of the UEFA Europa League 2018-21 Cycle) includes, in its Article 3, the different options and cases by which it grants the right to participate in the European competition (Europa League) to the next classified in the league competition (in this case the 7th classified) in the case that the Cup champion has already was classified to the Group Stage of one of the two European competitions for his sporting merit in the final league standings.For all these reasons, the incompetence of the Delegated Commission of the RFEF to adopt any type of agreement on the matter is evident, much less unilaterally and regardless of the organizer of the competition that entitles international participation, affecting the competitiveness and integrity of the LaLiga Santander competition itself in this case.That said, and in line with the proposals-drafts of competition calendars worked by UEFA itself with the European Leagues, it is appropriate to make the following considerations in relation to the qualifying positions that may be eligible to participate in the Europa League:to. The start of the Champions League and Europa League Group Stage is scheduled for October 20, 2020.b. The Preliminary Stage for qualifying for the Group Stage to which a Spanish club has the right to access (6th place in LaLiga Santander or 7th place in the event that the Cup Champion obtained their right to participate in the European Competition for LaLiga qualification of the 1st to 6th place) and according to the UEFA Regulation Access Lists (also published by the RFEF by UEFA regulations in its Circular 31) would start on August 13 (Q2).c. For all this, There is a lot of time left to play the Cup Final to find out who should be the club that should participate in the UEFA Europa League preview of Q2 on August 13, in the event that the Cup champion was already classified for the Champions or Europa League due to his league classification and, in this way, it had to be the 7th classified (as it has been in previous seasons) the one who had to dispute the Phase Q2 classification. If this were the case, the club ranked 7th in LaLiga would be known from July 31 that the LaLiga Santander competition would end.In the event that the two Cup finalists have already qualified directly for the Champions League or Europa League Group Stage, the club entitled to the Q2 qualifying dispute would be known from July 31, which would end the competition. of LaLiga Santander according to the schedules scheduled with UEFA.For these reasons, I would like to reiterate that this item 5 of the Agenda cannot be debated or agreed in any sense because it is already defined and agreed by the competent body of UEFA and, also add that, any type of decision at the national level, if necessary, should be agreed with LaLiga given that it clearly and directly affects the competition in terms of its competitiveness and its integrity. LaLiga considers that the RFEF has invaded its powers when approving in its Executive Committee the classification criteria for the next European competitions in case the Spanish League does not finish. For the organization that groups the clubs, the Federation you cannot establish a qualifying order for UEFA purposes without it and also considers that the regulations of the highest continental body are being skipped when trying to make the runner-up of the Cup qualify for the Europa League because this assumption does not figure in the European regulations.LaLiga also considers that Rubiales has invaded its powers by proposing the suspension of national competitions in football not teachersional.European competitionsRegarding the classification criteria for European competitions, the letter from the LaLiga lawyers says verbatim:“With regard to this 5th item on the agenda, we would like to state that the dispute of international club competitions organized by UEFA, linked to the sports merit obtained, on the one hand, by the competition organized by the National League of Professional Football (such as the First national football division, or Liga Santander), and on the other by the Copa del Rey Competition (the champion holds the right of access to the European competition), it is a right that derives from the final qualifying consequences of said competitions, from which said sporting merit begins. Being the LaLiga Santander Competition, as we have already indicated regarding the proposal for Item No. 4 on the Agenda, organized by the National Professional Football League in coordination with the Federation, effects reserved for the final classification cannot be attributed to an intermediate or incomplete classification without having the organizer of the competition, for different reasons.First. Lack of RFEF competenceFirstly, it is not the responsibility of the RFEF, and therefore of this Delegate Commission, to make these types of proposals that could directly affect the competitiveness and integrity of professional competition. Any decision that affects the professional competition must be decided by LaLiga or, where appropriate, by it in coordination with the RFEF.Second. CriteriaSecondly, it should also be remembered that the criteria on access rights to European competitions are the responsibility of UEFA, through the agreements of the respective Committees, among which is the representation of the European professional Leaguess, together with other stakeholders in European football. In this sense, and for the 2018/21 Cycle, the places of access to the European Competitions are approved by the corresponding bodies of UEFA and included in their Competition Regulations for both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League (see website of UEFA). The accesses are already determined in them (with their access lists according to each member association) based on the classification of the national competition and the champion of the national Cup competition.last_img read more