14 May

The proper names of PSG and Atlético for the Cavani operation

first_imgSimeoneCoach wants a 9. He was already asked by a striker in summer, in fact, and Rodrigo (Valencia) was about to arrive. And later Diego Costa was injured and desire became a necessity: Morata has been left alone in front. And since then names have been coming out, but Cholo is only convinced by Cavani. The Uruguayan would boost the workforce and it is not clear if other raisers would. However, he is aware that for Cavani to arrive, a player should leave the dressing room … Atlético wants Cavani, and better today than tomorrow. He wants it for months, or perhaps it is better said than for years. It’s Simeone’s favorite, that he does not see clearly the other options that the club has put on the table, but the PSG does not seem willing to open the doors just like that because it would weaken for the decisive stretch of the season. And this other condition, the salary limit that hinders the red and white in this winter market. The club has half a month left to hire a 9 and in this multi-band operation there are several proper names that have a lot to say …Miguel Angel Gil MarínThe CEO of Atlético tries to satisfy as he has always done Simeone’s requests and has launched for the signing of Cavani, advancing since summer, when the player will be free, in January, at the request of the technicians, who after the injury of Costa feel that the position is lame. Gil marin He traveled to Paris this week for an ECA meeting and has taken the opportunity to meet with PSG leaders to bring positions, although he has not sent optimistic news to Madrid. Will continue to squeeze while the market is open. Nasser Al KhelaïfiWhen Gil Marín calls, on the other side is the president of the PSG. Al Khelaïfi does not want to part with Cavani and there is no reason that convinces him. Although now the headline is Icardi, leaving the Uruguayan would mean weakening the workforce. He is also a historical footballer for the entity. Everything plays against Atleti. Y the economic issue is not something that can worry the PSG and its owners. For everything, it represents the most complicated obstacle for the arrival of Cavani to the Metropolitan.LeonardoParallel to the previous conversations, the PSG sports director has also been contacted by Andrea Berta, his counterpart in Atlético. From his point of view, Cavani is essential for the PSG and I would only understand his departure if another striker came in return of level. That same was transmitted to the player in the meeting they held before Christmas, when the forward transferred the possibility of leaving in January.center_img CavaniThe object of desire of Atlético … that PSG does not have left over. Your contract with the Parisian club expires on June 30, so the question is whether he is facing his last months on the team or his last days. Cavani is seduced by the idea of ​​joining Atlético de Simeone and he let those in the team know, but he doesn’t want to look bad with anyone. It is his seventh season in Paris and he is the top historical scorer of the club, whose hobby idolizes him. He doesn’t plan to dirty his career with an exit in bad ways, although it will do its part.OblakAt first It has nothing to do directly with the Cavani operation. But with the relations between PSG and Atlético. Slovenian has been wanted by the French champion for years, but the rojiblanco club has worked to maintain it. If the PSG opens the door in some way to the Uruguayan, he wants to be taken into account in the future. And he will put the goalkeeper’s name on the table.last_img read more

9 Aug

Nome to Vote on Stripping Churches and Nonprofits of Sales Tax Exemption

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 SharesNovember 19, 2014;Wall of Separation (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)Today, November 24th, the City Council of Nome, Alaska, population 3,797, will be voting on the possible end to a sales tax exemption for houses of worship. Facing a budget deficit, the Council spent an hour earlier this month debating possible revenue-generating strategies and landed on ending the church sales tax exemption as its preferred strategy.There is nothing in the constitution or in federal law that mandates a tax exemption for religious groups, but a vote by the Nome city council would make Nome the nation’s first to strip churches of this implicit subsidy. The issue of tax exemption for churches has made tiny Nome a bellwether location for the debate pro and con, and the debate has been vibrant: “Giving churches special tax exemptions violates the separation of church and state. By providing a financial benefit to religious institutions, government is supporting religion,” wrote Michael Stone in Patheos. “A tax break for churches forces all American taxpayers to support religion, even if they oppose some or all religious doctrines.”However, the Nome action would not just affect houses of worship, but all 501(c) nonprofits in the city, an element of the city’s action that has received little attention and discussion. An Associated Press article says that the Nome decision would affect “the regional nonprofit social service group Kawerak, Inc., and more than 40 other organizations.” Contrary to the notion that there would be “hundreds” of churches and other nonprofits affected, the scope of the small city’s action is actually quite targeted. One site counts 14 churches in Nome; another site counts 12. The Nonprofit Locator counts 35 nonprofits in the city (a list that counts some churches). From this small number of entities, the city’s finance director, Julie Liew, estimates that the end of the sales tax exemption for churches and nonprofits would generate $300,000 in revenues for the city.It is unclear why the city has to strip nonprofits as well as churches of the sales tax exemption; perhaps the rationale is that including nonprofits in the deal adds to the revenue total. Among the groups that would lose their sales tax exemption would be a pre-school group, a community center, an emergency shelter, and a swim team, as well as Kawerak’s day care, Head Start, employment training, and other program offerings. Despite the press coverage, the Nome decision isn’t just about churches, whose tax-exempt status isn’t necessarily rooted in law, but about nonprofits, whose tax-exempt status is.—Rick Cohen ShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more