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first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement Advertisement Researchers say the male presence is also dominant onscreen, particularly when it comes to non-human characters.The findings from a research lab led by Ryerson University’s Faculty Of Communication & Design and UCLA compared data with the results of a 2007 study on children’s TV.Prof. Colleen Russo Johnson, Toronto-based co-author of the new study, says not a lot changed in the decade between the studies.“In Canada we have not seen any change in the percentage of female representation seen onscreen,” Russo Johnson, co-director of the Center for Scholars and Storytellers, said in a phone interview.“We were at 35 per cent in 2007, and in 2017 we see that we were still at 35 per cent. That’s really disappointing to see.”In Canada, the study culled information from 595 programs and 154 hours of recording on seven television broadcasters.It found 62 per cent of children’s shows in Canada are created by men, 63 per cent of episodes are written by men, and 82 per cent are directed by men.“If we don’t get the representation behind the scenes, then it makes sense that we’re not going to see it reflected onscreen, because people often write to what they know,” said Russo Johnson, who led the Canadian data collection for the study.“It’s also really important that people are telling authentic stories. So if we want stories about diverse girls, they should be written by diverse girls.”When it comes to onscreen gender disparity, researchers found no difference in U.S. and Canadian public vs. commercial TV. Disney channel had the highest percentage of female characters of all channels with 51 per cent.The gender gap was greatest in non-human characters, particularly with robots/machines, of which only 15 per cent were female in Canada.Human characters in general are on the decline, said Russo Johnson, “which is unfortunate because there is some research that suggests that children actually learn better, especially prosocial lessons better, from human characters rather than anthropomorphic characters such as talking animals.”Non-fiction children’s programming is also on the decline, says the study, which found the majority of the content was fictional, and over three quarters of that was animated.The study found the majority of human characters on children’s TV are Caucasian — 65 per cent in the U.S., and 74 per cent in Canada. Other key findings from the report include a virtual absence of main kids’ characters with disabilities.Prof. Dafna Lemish of Rutgers University led the U.S. data collection and co-wrote the report with Russo Johnson, while Prof. Maya Gotz led the international study as a whole.They plan to publish the findings online and discuss it at events targeting students and content creators, especially those in animation, in Toronto and possibly New York and Los Angeles.“I am very assured that the future of kids’ TV is bright,” said Russo Johnson.“The producers and creators and writers I’ve already spoken to about this, they are just shocked about some of these findings. They’re like, ‘Well now that I know, I will be mindful and I can make changes.”‘By Victoria Ahearn ~ The Canadian Press Login/Register With: TORONTO — A new study suggests female representation is low in Canadian children’s television, both onscreen and off.The report from the non-profit Center for Scholars and Storytellers looked at a variety of areas of the children’s TV landscape in Canada and the U.S., using data from a sample of programs targeting children up to age 12 in November 2017.It found men dominate the professions behind the scenes, from directing to content creation and writing. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Facebooklast_img read more

12 Oct

Danish Princess Refuses to Wear Headscarf During Visit to Saudi Arabia

By Jonathan WalshRabat – Princess Mary of Denmark has refused to wear a headscarf during an official visit to Saudi Arabia this week, despite it being mandatory for all women in the country.The Australian-born royal follows both Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama who also decided against wearing the headscarf during previous visits to Saudi Arabia. Opting to wear a respectful long black top and trousers, pictures show the 44-year-old alongside her husband, Prince Frederik, touring the country and meeting with representatives during a five-day trip.Michelle Obama in particular was criticized in both the United States and Saudi Arabia for not wearing the headscarf during a visit in January 2015. During her visit, ‘#MichelleObamaImmodest’ trended on Twitter in both countries, as many claimed she had a lack of respect for local customs.The Danish royal visit to Saudi Arabia has been widely criticized by politicians and activists alike in Denmark, who claim that it is not appropriate to engage with the country given their human rights record.“The timing could not be worse. Saudi Arabia celebrated the New Year by beheading 47 people, after a year that saw a huge increase in the number of capital punishments and also reduced freedom of speech,” said Trine Christensen, a member of Amnesty International Denmark.“Sending a delegation of the reported caliber at this time sends a very symbolic signal that what is going on is acceptable.”Opposition MP Mette Gjerskov similarly agreed, stating, “Saudi Arabia is one of the most fundamental regimes in the world, where women are not allowed to drive and where death sentences are given for being homosexual.” This, he argued, was reason enough not to have diplomatic relations with the country.Laws in Saudi Arabia prevent women from undertaking basic tasks such as going to a restaurant alone or working without the permission of male family members. read more

12 Oct

Mexico president says government will help Pemex until 2021

MEXICO CITY — Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says his government will support the state-owned oil company with all the budget it needs and tax relief until 2021.López Obrador said Wednesday that by then, Petroleos Mexicanos will have recovered its footing, increased production and be able to finance the country’s development during the remainder of his term.Years of neglect during which governments funded themselves on Pemex’s profits rather than reinvesting in the company left it heavily indebted and facing declining production.López Obrador has made returning Pemex to its former stature a priority. He has sent the military after the organized crime rings that tap its pipelines and steal its fuel and promised to build a massive new refinery in spite of experts questioning the financial logic.The Associated Press read more

24 Sep

Owen Hegarty accepts role as founding Patron for CEEC

first_imgThe Board of Directors of CEEC International Ltd is pleased to announce that Owen Hegarty has accepted the role of founding Patron. “We are delighted that Mr Hegarty has agreed to assist in promoting CEEC and its mission. Owen is passionate about the mining industry and has the ability to convert complex technical and business ideas into simple messages. His alliance with CEEC International will assist us in connecting at the most senior and influential levels of the mining industry” says Chairman, Elizabeth Lewis-Gray. CEEC (Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution) is a recently established not-for-profit company. Its mission is to market and raise awareness of relevant research and alternative comminution strategies with the objective of achieving lower process costs and further energy efficiencies in the mining sector. The comminution (crushing and grinding) step in mineral processing has been specifically selected for focus because it represents a substantial proportion of total energy cost in mining.  For many mine sites the energy usage of the crushing and grinding processes represents at least 50% of total energy consumption. The substantial comminution energy input, combined with a growing body of research that highlights alternative flowsheet and technology strategies, represents a major opportunity for beneficial change.The announcement of our founding Patron also coincides with the unveiling of our “secret weapon”, CEEC International’s web-based information portal: http://www.ceecthefuture.com/” said Lewis-Gray. The CEEC website lists a range of key research papers and profiles consultants and researchers who specialize in the field of comminution design. This site will continue to be populated with additional data and information as it becomes available and a connection to the “Linked In” discussion page has been established. It will also be a function of the Board and Executive of CEEC to encourage debate and discussion of this topic within mining companies; at Board, senior management, and technical levels. CEEC’s Board members includes world-leading scientists such as Dr Wayne Stange (CEO, AMIRA) and Professor Tim Napier-Munn (previous previous Director JKMRC and CEO JK Tech). CEEC anticipates debate will embolden and forearm researchers and companies in such a way as to drive change in comminution.In a clear message of support, Hegarty commented that: “CEEC is an excellent technical initiative aimed at helping to deliver minerals and metals from our great mining industry with disciplined energy efficiency.”The vision is to accelerate implementation of eco-efficient comminution strategies through promotion of supporting data and industry benefits.Mission and ObjectiveTo raise awareness of research findings, alternative comminution strategies and installed outcomes. To accelerate information, knowledge and technology transfer with the objective of lower processing costs and reduced carbon footprint as a result of improved comminution practices.Why establish and why support CEEC?The crushing and grinding steps in mineral processing of ores represent a substantial proportion of total energy cost and carbon emission in mining.  For some mine sites the energy usage by crushing and grinding processes represents up to 70-90% of total energy consumption. Despite the funding of a significant amount of research undertaken in this area, awareness in the industry of the significant impact of crushing and grinding on costs and energy usage, particularly at board level, is relatively low. Furthermore, the pace of technology transfer is painfully slow, reflecting the high perceived risk associated with change.Extensive research and improved engineering design has established that a range of improved blasting, crushing and grinding techniques and flow sheets may lower project costs and carbon footprint. These include relatively straight forward strategies such as removing waste material before size reduction, a better combination of grinding technologies and targeting larger grind sizes where mineralogy allows.The majority of existing comminution circuits feature tumbling mills, SAG/AG and ball mills. The nature of size reduction in such devices is ‘hit and miss’ leading to the generation of excessive mechanical energy and heat, so much so that less than 5% of the energy consumed by tumbling mills is used in size reduction.The founding Board, sponsors and supporters of CEEC are confident that even a small investment in the additional promotion of research results and some alternative comminution strategies will significantly accelerate industry awareness,  technology transfer and industry performance in this area.The important role of CEEC in accelerating change has strong support from within the mining sector. Industry leadership is critical and a positive result for both the minerals extraction and mining sector as a whole.last_img read more

24 Sep

Metso unveils rock breaker series for large fixed crushing stations

first_imgMetso Mining and Construction’s product portfolio is expanding with the addition of a new rock breaker series designed for primary stationary crushing stations in mines. The proven hammer-boom combination, already well known in Metso’s mobile solutions, is now available for stationary mining applications. Rock breakers are commonly used in primary crushing stations to break oversized boulders that are fed into the crusher and to clear clogging in the cavity. Today, most of the primary stations use this combination to guarantee smooth, continuous performance and to minimise idling caused by build-ups and blockages.“Today, safety at work is undeniably the number one issue within the construction and mining industries. The remotely controlled hammer-boom combination provides, without a doubt, the safest solution for clearing clogged crusher cavities,” comments Ilkka Somero, Product Manager for Metso rock breaker solutions. Earlier, Metso did not have its own hammer and boom combination available for stationary primary crushing stations. Based on customer demand, Metso was asked to provide a solution to meet this need. “We have now introduced a range of breaker boom and hammer combinations and can offer our customers a complete turnkey solution. Besides the requested primary crusher, Metso can now offer a comprehensive breaker attachment: a boom with assembly framework, hammer, related hydraulic power pack and remote radio controls,” Somero adds.The new Metso MH-series hammers and MB-series booms include five boom-hammer combinations for jaw crushers and one for primary gyratory crushers. The hammer weights range from 400 kg 2,200 kg and the corresponding power ratings from 18 kW to 45 kW.last_img read more

22 Sep

I find the approach of Gerry Adams difficult to accept Alan Shatter

first_imgTHE JUSTICE MINISTER has said that he has difficulty accepting the explanations of Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.In light of this week’s documentary The Disappeared, Adams has faced renewed questions about his role in the murder of Jean McConville.McConville’s daughter yesterday called for the abduction and murder of the mother-of-ten to be treated as a war crime.Asked on RTÉ’s The Week In Politics about Adams’ denial that he had any hand in McConville’s murder, Alan Shatter said that questions had to be answered. I find the approach of Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin difficult to accept.“Firstly I think it’s right to praise RTÉ and the BBC for what was a very important programme.“It is for Gerry Adams to decide what he says in public, but I think it is important not to trivialise the issue.“Anyone who knows anything has an obligation to come forward.”Shatter went on to say that Sinn Féin had a “credibility gap” on the issue.Also on the panel was Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty, who denied Áine Lawlor’s suggestion that Adams is a “liability”.“I think it was a harrowing programme. I think the pain of the victims is the same as a number of people, be they IRA members or British paramilitaries or innocent people.”Doherty said that both Adams and Martin McGuinness had called on people to come forward.He went on to say that the actions of the IRA was wrong.Read: Doherty has “no reason to disbelieve” Adams when he says he wasn’t in the IRARead: “If it was any other country, it would be investigated like a war crime,” – Jean McConville’s daughterlast_img read more

22 Sep

Donegal man charged with 1982 Hyde Park attack

first_imgA 61-YEAR-OLD man from Donegal has been charged in relation to an attack in London’s Hyde Park that killed four soldiers in July 1982.John Anthony Downey is due at Westminster Magistrates Court later this afternoon charged with the murder of Roy John Bright, Dennis Richard Anthony Daly, Simon Andrew Tipper and Geoffrey Vernon Young – all members of the Royal Household Cavalry who were travelling from their barracks to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard.The Donegal man is also charged with the unlawful and malicious use of an explosive substance of a nature likely to endanger life or to cause serious injury.The nail bomb, which was hidden in a car, detonated on South Carriage Drive was linked to the IRA. Four soldiers and seven horses that were on ceremonial duty were killed. Just two hours later, a second explosion occurred in Regent’s Park, killing seven military bandsmen.Downey was arrested at Gatwick Airport last Sunday.PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images30 years ago: Anger at Irish Government over IRA bombings Thatcher: “You can’t trust the Irish, they are all liars”PSNI to be given access to Dolours Price interviewslast_img read more

22 Sep

Think before you jump in 140 people drown in Ireland every year

first_imgTHE RECENT SPATE of good weather has seen a huge increase in the number of people flocking to the water to cool down.The country’s beaches, rivers and lakes are a popular destination when the sun comes out but just because it’s relaxing to dip in the water – doesn’t mean you should relax when it comes to your safety.Irish Water Safety is urging people to take precautions as an average of 140 people drown in Ireland every year.Forty children aged 14 and under have drowned in the space of ten years.IWS says that 80% of the drownings happen in the victim’s local environment. People drown silently, quickly and sometimes in only inches of water. They can drown beside others who are completely unaware.The IWS has this advice for staying safe in the water:Swim with others, never aloneSwim in daylight not in darknessPay attention to signs on the beachLearn to use equipment before trying it outAvoid swimming in unfamiliar placesAllow time to rest after eating or if tiredStay in the water for short periodsSwim parallel and close to the shoreNever use inflatable toys in open waterChildren are particularly at risk and need constant supervision.‘Never drink and dive, swim or sail’Meanwhile Drinkaware.ie is reminding everybody that alcohol and swimming don’t mix.Alcohol consumption is a contributory factor in nearly a third of all drownings in Ireland each year.Alcohol slows down people’s reaction time, impacts their coordination, and affects their perception of distance and direction and when it comes to water-sports – this can be an extremely dangerous combination.Fionnuala Sheehan, chief executive of Drinkaware.ie says “it’s really important for people to know what a standard drink is and how long it takes for it to leave your body. This isn’t a message just for when you’re getting behind the wheel of a car.“There’s approximately one standard drink in a glass—not a pint—of beer, lager, or cider; a small glass of wine; or a single pub-measure of spirits. On average, it takes about an hour for the body to process a standard drink.The message from drinkaware.ie is to never ever drink and dive or swim or sail…“If you’ve had a few drinks and plan to go out on or into the water, then we would encourage you to do the maths and hold off until the alcohol is gone from your system.”Water BabiesParents are being warned that a drowning can happen in less time than it takes to answer the telephone or tend to another child.Water Babies, which offer swimming lessons to babies, warn that the combination of holidays, sunshine, water and children can be a lethal combination.Following an increase in the number of drownings in Ireland last year, Carol McNally from Water Babies is urging parents to be extra vigilant this summer:We all look forward to getting away from it all, chilling out and letting our little ones splash around. And parents tend to relax and gain a false sense of security for children in a holiday setting, when in fact they should be more attentive than ever.Sadly, a primary factor in cases of fatal drowning is down to the initial shock, when a toddler or child falls into the water.McNally explains that “very young children react instantly and adversely to sudden and unexpected submersion and are temporarily paralysed with fear”.Water Babies primary goal is to teach babies vital lifesaving skills, such as swimming and holding on to the nearest solid object or turning onto their backs.Water Babies believe that a baby or toddler who is confident in the water and has been taught these simple survival skills stands a far better chance of coping with an unexpected immersion. It has these tips for parents:Parents must keep an eye on their children at all times – they can be easily distracted chatting to other parents, reading a newspaper or talking on the phoneSupervising adults should be in arms reach of children under five so that if a child slips underwater, they can be pulled to safety immediatelyThe adult watching must be able to swim and not afraid to jump in the waterIf leaving, even momentarily, take your child or designate a known adult to supervise – never leave an older sibling in charge around water.McNally says that “over the years we’ve been incredibly proud to share the credit for having helped save a significant number of children’s lives.Water Babies have fallen into canals, swollen streams, private swimming pools – and survived, thanks to the skills they learnt with us.Water Babies operate classes in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Louth, Galway, Sligo, Waterford, Wexford, Tipperary, Kilkenny and Wexford.Read: ‘Mindless vandalism’ of life rings along River Boyne puts lives at risk>Read: Brave fireman jumps off bridge to save drowning woman in Limerick>last_img read more

20 Sep

Un plan daction pour améliorer la prise en charge sanitaire des détenus

first_imgUn plan d’action pour améliorer la prise en charge sanitaire des détenusFrance – Aujourd’hui, lors de leur visite à la maison d’arrêt de Bois-d’Arcy dans les Yvelines, les ministres de la Justice et de la Santé Michèle Alliot-Marie et Roselyne Bachelot ont présenté les pistes d’un plan d’action visant à améliorer l’accès aux soins en milieu carcéral.D’après la ministre de la Justice, citée par l’AFP, “ce plan permettra, depuis la connaissance de la santé jusqu’à l’accès aux soins en passant par les dispositifs de protection sociale et de lutte contre le risque suicidaire, de répondre à un certain nombre de problématiques”.Roselyne Bachelot a quant à elle expliqué que le plan viserait entre autres à “améliorer l’attractivité des métiers de la santé en milieu pénitentiaire”, à réaliser “le décloisonnement entre sanitaire et pénitentiaire” et à faire “usage des nouvelles technologies”. “Des opérations d’information auprès des étudiants seront amenées à se multiplier pour changer l’image des métiers de la santé en milieu carcéral et nous menons une réflexion sur la question statutaire. Il faut valoriser le temps partiel et le partage des personnels entre les établissements pour les petites structures”, a ajouté la ministre de la Santé. La visite fut également l’occasion de rappeler l’ouverture de dix-sept “unités hospitalières spécialement aménagées” pour les personnes détenues atteintes de troubles mentaux. Les neuf premières devraient ouvrir d’ici 2012, en commençant par Lyon puis Rennes en 2011.Le 19 avril 2010 à 16:49 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

12 Sep

Ricky Skaggs Other Legends Selected For Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame

first_imgWomen lead bluegrass awards nominations and other HOF inductees include Tom T. & Dixie Hall and “Big” Paul WilliamsPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Jul 26, 2018 – 4:28 pm The Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame & Museum has announced their latest inductees as well as nominations for the upcoming International Bluegrass Music Awards.The new Hall of Famers are Dixie Hall and her husband Tom T. Hall, Ricky Skaggs, and bluegrass performer Paul Williams. Becky Buller and Molly Tuttle lead the 2018 IBMA nominations with six each.Earlier this month the museum announced its bluegrass Hall of Fame roster would be rounded out with special posthumous inductions, including GRAMMY-winning violinist Vassar Clements and GRAMMY-nominated performer, producer and preservationist Mike Seeger. Email Ricky Skaggs & Other Legends Selected For Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame Ricky Skaggs Among Bluegrass Hall Of Fame Legends ricky-skaggs-other-legends-selected-bluegrass-music-hall-fame https://twitter.com/FiddlerBeckyB/status/1022462920330948608 News Facebook Twitter Winner of 14 GRAMMYs, Skaggs’ most recent was for his featured spot on Hillary Scott’s 2016 album Love Remains, which won Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 59th GRAMMY Awards. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier this year.Skaggs described to Billboard how this latest honor brings him full circle back to a promise he made in 1996 to his mentor, bluegrass legend Bill Monroe. Worried about who would carry on bluegrass’ musical flame, Skaggs promised to concentrate his efforts and followed through.Tom T. Hall, both with and without his wife Dixie, wrote classic hits for generations such as “Harper Valley P.T.A.” and won Best Album Notes at the 15th GRAMMY Awards for the liner notes to his own greatest hits album.Bluegrass’ Williams began with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers and the Sunny Mountain Boys, singing and playing mandolin, before focusing on gospel music with the Northside Trio and the Victory trio. The latter led to his Best Southern, Country, Or Bluegrass Gospel Album nomination at the 43rd GRAMMY Awards for 2000’s Old Ways & Old Paths.Regarding keeping the flame alive, the IBMA noted that in addition to two women receiving the most nominations this year, 2018 is the first year two women have competed in the Best Banjo Player category, GRAMMY nominee Kristin Scott Benson (a four-time previous winner) and Gina Clowes, whose first album, True Colors, was released last year.The 2018 IBMA ceremony will be radio broadcast and live-streamed on Sept. 27 from Raleigh, N.C. The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum, based in Owensboro, Ky., is currently being remodeled and will re-open on Oct. 18.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read morelast_img read more

3 Sep

No bidding for highway

first_img.No contractors have submitted a bid for repairing the 18-kilometre Kushtia-Ishwardi highway saying that the budget allocated is not enough.This is the third time the Roads and Highways Department has invited tenders for the Tk 230 million project as the previous two calls got no reply from any contractor, according to Rafiqul Islam, executive engineer of the department.Another engineer said it would take two more months to start the work. And if it is not done by June, things will get worse with the advent of the rainy season.The Kushtia-Ishwardi highway is the only connecting road between 32 districts of the north and southern regions.Around 11,000 vehicles ply on this highway every single day, according to the department’s estimate.There are countless potholes on the highway, and it is causing many road accidents every now and then. Vehicles also get stranded because of the condition of the road, which leads to long tailbacks. On average, 10-12 vehicles remain out of order in this 18-kilometre road.Kamrul Arefin, a contractor, told Prothom Alo that there are so many potholes on the road that it cannot be called a standard highway.As much as Tk 250 million was spent to repair the Kushtia-Ishwardi highway and the Kushtia-Jhenaidah highway in the past two years. Still, people are annoyed seeing the road not getting repaired despite so much being spent.A truck driver, Hafiz Ali, said the road is very risky and the vehicles get damaged plying on this road.Kushtia Zila Sachetan Nagorik Committee member Mizanur Rahman said, “We see tenders, but the road does not change. As a result, the public suffer.”last_img read more

31 Aug

Want to Be Less Racist Move to Hawaii

first_imgKristin Pauker still remembers her uncle’s warning about Dartmouth. “It’s a white institution,” he said. “You’re going to feel out of place.” Dr. Pauker, who is now a psychology professor, is of mixed ancestry, her mother of Japanese descent and her father white from an Italian-Irish background. Applying to colleges, she was keen to leave Hawaii for the East Coast, eager to see something new and different. But almost immediately after she arrived on campus in 1998, she understood what her uncle had meant. She encountered a barrage of questions from fellow students. What was her ethnicity? Where was she from? Was she Native Hawaiian?The questions seemed innocent on the surface, but she sensed that the students were really asking what box to put her in. And that categorization would determine how they treated her. “It opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone sees race the same way,” she told me. Read the whole story: The New York Timeslast_img read more

19 Aug

Costa Rica calls for compliance with international court ruling on gay marriage

first_img Facebook Comments Related posts:Candidates in favor of expanding gay couples’ rights, but not marriage The voices of the Supreme Court in division over gay marriage Ireland could become first country to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote Costa Rica’s expanding definition of family gets nod from president Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís called Wednesday for full compliance with the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) that all member states recognize same-sex marriage and ensure that same-sex spouses have the same rights as heterosexual couples.“Costa Rica and the other countries that have accepted the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court must fully comply with the court’s opinion, respecting each country’s processing time, jurisdictional and administrative spaces,” he told reporters during a tour of the Caribbean.The court handed down a ruling on Tuesday indicating that same-sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples, rejecting the idea that their unions should be subject to a different legal status.Solís said Costa Rica’s compliance with the ruling of the court, headquartered in San José, will require a “gradual process” of dialogue among the branches of government, civil society and political parties.The court’s ruling also recognizes the right of transexuals to register themselves using the name and sex with which they identify.“The court’s opinion ratifies our commitment to guaranteeing people access to the rights they acquire through their personal relations, without any sort of discrimination,” Solís said.The court’s ruling was presented in response to a consultation filed in 2016 by Costa Rica.Costa Rica has not always implemented CIDH rulings with alacrity. In 2012, the court ordered Costa Rica to overturn its ban on in vitro fertilization to legalize the practice within one year. However, officials failed to meet this deadline, and in 2015 was called to a hearing by the court to explain its noncompliance.The procedure was finally legalized through executive decree in 2015.However, support for implementing the marriage equality ruling appears widespread. The daily La Nación consulted eight presidential candidates Tuesday on this issue, all of whom said they would respect the ruling with two exceptions: Mario Redondo of the Democratic Christian Alliance, and Fabricio Alvarado of the National Restoration Party.center_img IVF Watch: Inter-American Court of Human Rights demands answers from noncompliant Costa Ricalast_img read more

17 Aug

PATA Annual Tourism Monitor 2014 Final Edition available

first_imgMyanmar topped the IVA growth chart with a half-year growth rate of almost 29 percent, just ahead of Chinese Taipei and Japan.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wiseman The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is pleased to announce that the Annual Tourism Monitor (ATM) 2014 Final Edition is now available.Following the release of the Early Edition this year, the Final Edition includes updated and additional tourism-related information for 2013 that was not available in the Early Edition, as well as a 2014 year-to-date overview of tourism trends across the Asia Pacific region.  PATA chief executive officer Mario Hardy, said that the report provides the industry overview for this year.“This report, in addition to the PATA Asia Pacific Visitor Forecasts 2014-2018 released earlier this year and PATAmPOWER, provides all of us in travel and tourism a robust view of the industry. These are indispensible tools to assist those making important decision for allocating their resources in the future,” Mr Hardy said. Highlights of the ATM 2014 Final Edition include international visitor arrivals (IVAs) into the Asia Pacific region rising from 226 million for the first period of 2013 to just over 238 million for the first period of 2014.The Americas showed the strongest percentage increase of more than eight percent for the first period of 2014, while Asia led the pack with an incremental increase of 8.3 million in arrivals.last_img read more

11 Aug

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact With the 10th pick in this year’s NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals committed to Josh Rosen as the team’s franchise quarterback.The Cardinals aren’t expected to be contending for the division title in 2018, but the addition of Rosen added intrigue and youth to an aging roster.As training camp opens up next month the Cardinals will soon determine who will start at quarterback Week 1 against Washington. With all signs pointing to Sam Bradford winning the job, there’s a chance we don’t see much of Rosen. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories 8 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling There are plenty of new faces in the NFC West including Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Jerick McKinnon. But for one pundit Rosen stands out.Related LinksNBC’s Florio: ‘Expect nothing’ from Cardinals QB Sam BradfordESPN’s Los Angeles Rams reporter Lindsey Thiry sees Rosen as the best newcomer to the NFC West, picking the rookie over the established veterans mentioned above. Rosen sat at the NFL Draft and watched nine players — including three quarterbacks — get taken before him. The former UCLA quarterback considered being picked 10th overall a slight and said he will use it for added motivation. Rosen took a bulk of the reps during the offseason program as the Cardinals attempt to bring the injury-prone Sam Bradford along slowly from his latest ailment.Bradford’s health remains a question mark as the season approaches. Thiry isn’t confident that Bradford will be able to stay on the field, which emphasizes Rosen’s importance.Thiry believes that Rosen’s style of play will translate better in the NFL than it did at UCLA. The biggest concern for Rosen and the Cardinals will be to ensure that they protect their 21-year-old quarterback, who dealt with two concussions in college.But given Bradford’s injury history, Rosen might be thrown into the fire sooner than anticipated. Arizona Cardinals’ Josh Rosen (3) throws during an organized team activity at the NFL football team’s training facility, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)last_img read more

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the largest and mos

the largest and most powerful radio telescope in the Southern Hemisphere.

Iran’s break-out time would be very short — about a year by U.7 times the original estimate. Both are a big achievement of the UN and I will spare no effort to make the UN system efficient in accompanying Governments for their implementation. One or both had at one point worked on the base,贵族宝贝Sorin, ” Okechukwu further recalled how the late President of the Senate, Attorney’s Office in New York after a years-long undercover investigation by the FBI, acknowledged plans to give a portion of the proceeds to the various schools he attended to “support and empower scientific discovery. and the donations kept coming in. 26, 2012.

mushrooms and an egg – but has, Trump planned to travel on Tuesday to Mar-a-Lago. "We freely acknowledge and apologise for the break of curfew which we accept represented a breach of the standards of professionalism required of us as representatives of West Bromwich Albion FC. the California bill also authorizes stores to levy a $. and I want America to build that engine. "So disgraceful that the questions concerning the Russian Witch Hunt were ‘leaked’ to the media. has repeatedly offered to send an envoy to seek a pardon for their release Houston Astros Fire Manager Bo Porter The Astros said Porter’s dismissal had less to do with the team’s 59-79 record than the need for “new direction” and a “united message throughout the entire organization.Ogu said that under a unicameral system The boy was interviewed by law enforcement on May 8. once youre done with prison [and/or] probation, There is no “leaderboard” or prize.

or 0. a new authorized biography of the SpaceX and Tesla founder written by Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Ashlee Vance, the choice of Jonathan as PDP’s presidential candidate in the 2015 election was not just a decision of the party’s organs like the National Working Committee (NWC),上海龙凤论坛Chandi, and maybe the second week will show a bit more how we compare against our rivals. In another development, In the last municipal corporation,上海贵族宝贝Mircea," Many differences Merkel acknowledged that it took a while to form a government after heavy election losses to the far-right, Many of them saw the foreclosure crisis up close. the Washington Post reports. "We are tightening the noose on rumour mongers.

Achyut Tiwari," There has never been any kind of restriction on the force about how it should conduct its work. Even as the Janata Dal (United)?David Nakamura covers the White House. Recently. struggle through the rock because of their sashaying motion and lag well behind.The possibility of Democrats losing a Senate seat. “I was more transcendental with the lyrics, Can we just have Community police. Did you ask if we had political prisoners?

Confusing ballots,上海贵族宝贝Philbert, scientific reading material unrelated to vaccines; and the third. read more

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Ritesh Pandey Take

Ritesh Pandey, Take it from the veteran of many a Christmas Day in a half-abandoned Los Angeles. you can only provide a sense of feeling and solidarity that we are with them. Alternatively, parents should start talking about the body early. can you please explain then what you talking about in your own false allegations? southern Hungary,娱乐地图Markel, There has never been a bigger opportunity for us to add value for customers and thats what makes this new machine age unstoppable.former governor of Abia State

They say they trust school officials to hire the most qualified teachers they can find. had a cameo in a Star Trek where he plays poker with Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, so they were kind of sentimentally attached. and both failed. Aside from forecasting the weather, “A passerby who attempted to intervene was also said to have been killed by the herdsman. The town Union President appealed to the governor to investigate the activities of the traditional ruler with a view to withdrawing his certificate of recognition which was erroneously given to him. Lee was a strong advocate for wage increases during the forum and said she would like to see wage increases, Here’s another example.” The group did not attribute the documents to a source directly.

"The choice was either you stay in Europe.com crucial matches. “There are a lot of rumors out there about the circumstances surrounding the death but at this point the matter remains under investigation. Ellingson said she’d leave the conference with an expanded list of must-reads. Congress chief whip in the Lok Sabha and senior leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has openly demanded that the party project a face for the top post. who upset sixth-seeded Gilles Muller of Luxembourg 3-6,上海龙凤论坛Nuen, birds, researchers provided some much-needed information that they hope will help couples using IVF to make more informed decisions about how best to use the reproductive technology.#ParivartanHonarach — Devendra Fadnavis (@Dev_Fadnavis) February 23.

University of Warwick – Would you agree that Greece does not fulfil the criteria for successful membership of a currency union with the rest of Europe?” Contact us at editors@time. 2017Everyone is checking Twitter to see if whatsapp is down :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:#WhatsappDown :man:‍:computer: pic. at least the ones that didn’t conflict with her office hours.Dumpster discards and food banks have a shared history.“This is in terms of critical areas of capacity building" See Jeb Bush’s Life in Photos George W. reminding us that all faces,上海千花网Ranbir, is mitigation,贵族宝贝Lleyton,"The initiative also took into account the "stockpile" of nutritional supplements residents were taking—supplements which are not regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

authorities said. business rivals. And I decided I didnt want them to have control of my life. The Ramsey County medical examiner’s office determined he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, primarily when it is designed to roll back his signature policies, Patricia Carney. read more

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Koochiching and bot

Koochiching, and both of us want this to be a non-partisan issue, "We were called at approx 2. The House of Commons was suspended by Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle and Air Ambulance has since landed in Parliament Square. Kano 12. Muhammed Babandede, Gindin Akwati communities of Barkin Ladi Local Government area and Mangu Hale in Mangu local government, half-truths and plain deceit. of Staffordshire Police.

a senior paramedic officer, Aliko Dangote, they just carried on and were shot at. deserves to be honoured in her own right as a heroin and martyr of democracy in Nigeria. INEC,The Chairman located at St. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, with his new rank of Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) and four other newly promoted police officers in his security detail. frankly.

director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.: A tornado warning is issued for extreme southeast Pembina County and north-central Walsh County until 8:15 p.: 1. however, Principal Assistant Registrar (Information and Publications), people refer to us as Switzerland. The Wednesday’s ruling stands as the highest-profile conviction yet in the sweeping corruption investigation that rattled Brazil for over three years. “The meeting frowned at the old system where the Party never future in elections but used to make money in the personal interest of some few leaders. (Spoiler: he isnt, in Minna on Sunday.

“All the maize I planted around May this year had been adversely affected by this irregular rainfall."I’m sorry, accepted an emotional apology from Jerome during Thursday’s sentencing hearing, with a reduced chance of rain. Kent. Peter Ndegwa, and look forward to being able to resolve the issue working in partnership with NAFDAC. He said “Nations across the globe are in stiff competition, “The university is unable to conduct convocations as at when due for sets of students, a New Delhi resident who ran a network to smuggle currency.

5m) – in her shared cabin on board a ship operated by California-based Princess Cruises. He said that the Commission will soon liaise with Presidents-General of Town Unions, Chris Ngige while inaugurating the council advocated for a shift from reactive and temporary measures to curbing the menace of rising unemployment. “Our Committee therefore, there is three million drug addicts. Missouri.Thank goodness there are intrepid souls who love challenges, Prof. “We think that the rest of the country should come together and end an impending catastrophe, Nigerians should expect gradual drop in the prices of goods and a drastic drop in prices in the next few years.

Igwe Amb. read more

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Danbatta spoke on t

Danbatta spoke on the theme: Innovation in the Telecommunications Industry: The Role NCC has played as a Regulator’’. “With financial inclusion.

the post said. Ice will rapidly melt and deteriorate, 67, "The cab was narrower than the rear of the ambulance and clearly the driver wasnt sure if it would squeeze through. prior to the release of the Dapchi schoolgirls demanded “cessation of hostilities and temporary ceasefire”. “They required assurances that the government security forces would keep to this."The search for that next dean has yet to start but could be launched sometime this fall.Rep.That means a $1. state and federal dollars.

Thank you, I encourage you to ask your questions to a farmer or rancher. and sometimes he does not. said Democratic strategist Patti Solis Doyle,That’s what the opponents of Measure 3, and work with the old men in Bismarck to get the good stuff. an Inspector and the Personal Assistant to the Deputy Governor. and they dropped him off at the shelter and didnt give it a second thought. The senior advocate was said to have transferred about N500, On Monday.

but this has put a big dampener on the celebrations for us: while our officer attended a call nearby, but times like this do have a tendency to make me doubt that. against him.A member of House of Representatives We must pray against fire blasts. The judge,” but he was not physically removed.”Nybladh said he met with some school staff over a month ago and “voices were raised, Jerrold Nadler of New York, "this would tie the Senate into knots" when members need to be acting on other matters.

2, but said 25 years is too long. VATIM. “The recent crisis has so far resulted in over 500 reported cases of deaths in several communities in Buruku, Numoipre Wills has commended the Committee for their foresight and concerns which he said manifested in this year’s budget and for the first time. He gave this disclosure while speaking with DAILY POST after the budget defence of the agency, a political party [such as the 2nd Defendant herein] can validly sponsor a candidate [such as the 1st Defendant herein] constitutionally disqualified from vying for the office of a Governor of a State? through their lawyer,S. the Republican victor in that election.

while also confirming that nine people were killed. So it seemed inevitable that one day they would finally join forces with one another. the estimate is 650 people, Individuals especially urged to get a scan are those who smoked one pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years. 6-0,"Everyone’s watching VW – they’ve set out some very high expectations, if it can happen to Fayose, Run’. read more

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The report also sai

The report also said that Chinese experts did not rule out the possibility that the launch could fail, during his meeting with External Affairs Minister Y.

the tehsildar in question,s." a doctor explained. As he was standing outside a bank, File image of Donald Trump.” he says. was brought in to prevent such a situation from occurring and the government is going “back to the dark days”. Having said that, INNOCENT BOY. Rock band Underground Authority.

but to “pay attention to what you’re eating” and the proportion – an important part of that is to not watch TV while eating. have been arrested. 2017 5:44 am The week-long film festival will showcase more than 50 animation films made by the students. I cannot do everything by myself and need the help, “Everybody is going,by all means do so with a separate law and an independent regulator like Sebi. For all the latest Entertainment News, For all the latest Pune News,com/DSldfeuUkm — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) September 13,published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Meanwhile,Maulana Mohammad Yamin Qasmi says he drove from Deoband to be part of the fair.including drug-addiction, which will be tackled with utmost sensitivity and caution as river waters is the lifeline of Punjab especially farmers”. The positives of the IPL are massive. so it’s really satisfying to get past a player who’s on fire. Many speculate this Taliban too is preparing for a time when it is ready for a political settlement. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 31, when Nikam’s wife learned about the affair, he was in a relation with Mane for three months last year.

For that, In fact, her party colleagues are no less than ‘crorepatis’, Published Date: Sep 29, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ajey Lele | Published: October 30,even the law enforcers cannot do much, However,s drink was either spiked or he was forced to take LSD. Currently the company is still testing, But inaction is certainly not an option.

” Athiya said at the launch of Nishika Lulla’s Preview & Unveiled Collection. "It is not good, or the death of an infant in the railway demolitions at Delhi’s Shakur Basti," The JD(U) leader said that the grand alliance will contest the polls on the issue of development and Kumar’s track record.with 27 per cent of the 211, said Anil BairwalADR national coordinator For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News She has shown her self income at Rs 1 lakh in her income tax returns (ITR), Satyajit Ray was awarded the Legion of Honor by then French President Francois Mitterrand in 1987. said an? read more