15 Oct

Four major CRTC decisions that will impact your cellphone TV and Internet

first_imgAdvertisement Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for their cellphone, Internet and TV services, but those bills could change depending on how Canada’s broadcast regulator handles some major issues it’s expected to decide on next year.The CRTC has several important hearings, reviews and rulings expected in 2017. Here’s a look at four of them:Differential PricingIn the fall, the CRTC held a weeklong hearing examining differential pricing, which occurs when a company offers customers the same or similar products at different prices. Specifically, the regulator looked at how Internet service providers use differential pricing with their data plans. The review came following complaints that some companies were not including certain music and video streaming services toward customer data plans, thereby acting as gatekeepers, influencing consumption and making it difficult for some providers to enter the marketplace. OpenMedia, a consumer advocacy group, has been calling for the elimination of data caps on home and wireless Internet plans. Others, however, argue the practice gives customers more choice.The CRTC is expected to set out a policy governing differential pricing next year.Wholesale Internet RatesThe CRTC will set final rates for what Bell, Rogers, Telus, SaskTel, Shaw, Cogeco, MTS and Videotron must charge smaller companies for access to their high-speed networks. The smaller service providers rely on those networks to offer Internet, TV and telephone services.The regulator set interim rates in October that were mostly lower — in some cases by up to 89 per cent — than what many of the incumbents wanted to charge. The CRTC says it’s setting the fees to help foster competition.If the final fees remain close to the interim ones, the smaller companies could pass on the savings to consumers by lowering their prices. That could put pressure on the bigger companies to follow suit.However, some of the incumbents have warned that low fees may slow or halt their broadband network investment — a threat some experts take with a grain of salt.The final rates are expected in the first half of 2017.Wireless Code ReviewIn February, the CRTC will hold a hearing to determine whether the wireless code of conduct, which took effect in December 2013, needs to be improved.After hearing from the public, the regulator created the code in part to help consumers understand their plans better, prevent bill shock, shorten contract lengths and lower cancellation fees.The CRTC started gathering feedback on the effectiveness of the code in September and will accept more submissions from the public between Feb. 6 and 14.So far, it has heard complaints about high prices, surprise charges, phone unlocking fees and wireless data limits, among other issues. If the CRTC concludes the code needs to be updated, some of those gripes could be addressed.Basic Telecommunications ServicesLast year, the CRTC launched its review of basic telecommunications services. It sought to determine which ones Canadians need to have to be able to meaningfully participate in the digital economy, as well as what the CRTC’s role is in ensuring all Canadians have affordable service options available to them.OpenMedia argued high-speed Internet access should be redefined as a basic service. Currently, low-speed Internet, individual line touch-tone phone service, a printed copy of the current phone book on request, and a number of phone services, including emergency, fall into that category.It called on the CRTC to give all Canadians access to broadband Internet for $30 monthly, and to provide better, more affordable access to the country’s remote and rural communities where broadband investment has lagged.The review could determine sufficient upload and download speeds, and create funding mechanisms to support the ability to supply modern telecommunications services.A spokeswoman for the CRTC says a decision may come before the end of the year.The Canadian Press Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Twitter Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

14 Oct

The part about the interrogation II

first_imgFULL SPECIAL REPORTBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsDaniele Guarino couldn’t remember the name of the foreign affairs minister.The RCMP corporal sitting across from him in the interrogation room wasn’t much help either.Cpl. John Athanasiades, with the RCMP’s Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit, floated the name “Helen,” which may be a reference to Helena Guergis, who was minister of state for foreign affairs at the time.Guarino, however, is sure that the minister is a man.“The foreign affairs minister of Canada, um, Frenchman,” said Guarino. “Bernard, ba, ba, something like that.”It’s March 26, 2008, the day of the Project Cancun raids. Maxime Bernier was the foreign affairs minister at the time.Guarino, dressed in jeans and a sweater, was arrested earlier in the day after police found four weapons in his Montreal home after executing a search warrant.Athanasiades, wearing a suit, had a list of things he wanted to probe during the interrogation. The guns were on the list, and so was the name of Michael Chamas.Police found the guns, including three semi-automatics, in the garage, inside a bag beside Guarino’s four year-old daughter’s tricycles.Guarino told Athanasiades the guns belonged to his brother who died in hospital after he was shot in a hit on March 9, 2007, while sitting in a Montreal bar called Caffe Albano, frequented mostly by “a bunch of Italian old men.”Guarino said his brother Carmeine Guarino lived in the house, which was bought by their father, and he couldn’t bring himself to touch his stuff since the death.“There are a few things that they found in my house that did not belong to me. They belonged to my brother,” said Guarino. “Those are my brother’s guns…Why would I keep guns in a house with a four year-old.”To prove the affection he had for his dead brother, Guarino turned around and pulled up his shirt to show Athanasiades a tattoo of his brother on his back.“This is my brother,” said Guarino, according to a video of the interrogation.“I see that you were very close to him,” said Athanasiades.Athanasiades said he was also dealing with a recent death, his father’s.At one point Athanasiades appears to choke up and quickly apologizes saying it was very “unprofessional.”Police also suspected Guarino of laundering money from individuals involved with the marijuana smuggling network operating out of Kahnawake and Akwesanse.They also suspected he used a tanning salon called Exotica to convert U.S. drug money into Canadian currency.They suspected that Guarino, along with two other people, invested some of this money into a company owned by Chamas, a businessman police believed was the organization’s “banker.”An RCMP investigation found that between April 2004 and October 2007 Garda Canada transported a total of about $36.6 millionUS from the Bronzage Exotica tanning salon, which Guarino said he managed.Garda Canada also transported a total of about $44.7 million in Canadian currency to the tanning salon over the same time period.The investigation also found that some of the American currency shipments included counterfeit U.S. bills. Garda discovered that one July 3, 2007, U.S. currency run included 56 $50 counterfeit bills, according to an RCMP affidavit obtained by APTN National News.An analysis by a U.S. Homeland Security official determined they were a high-quality counterfeits made in New York City, the affidavit said.During the interrogation, Guarino denied he knowingly laundered any drug money.“I never laundered anything,” said Guarino. “Where would I get the drug money?”When Athanasiades started to ask about Chamas’ businesses, Guarino couldn’t quite remember the name of one the companies, Global Village, and kept repeating the word “global” while rapping his fingers on a water bottle. He then made a surprising claim.“Something that has to do with the foreign affairs minister of Canada,” said Guarino.“He knows the foreign affairs minister of Canada?” said Athanasiades, who revealed no hint of surprise.Guarino, who never met the minister, then says that there is a link between Chamas’ company “global something” and the minister and a “gala.”“We (Chamas and Guarino) were speaking one night and he said he had a big gala with the foreign affairs minister and that is how it came to be,” said Guarino.last_img read more

12 Oct

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman Resigns Over Gaza Ceasefire

By  Trista YoussefRabat – Fighting between Israeli and Palestinian forces, which  began on Sunday and ended with a ceasefire on Tuesday night, reached its worst levels since a 50-day war in 2014. The violence started when Palestinian forces fired rockets at Israel in response to a covert Israeli operation that killed seven Palestinians in Gaza. Two Israelis and at least 14 Palestinians were killed during the violent, two-day-long flare-up. Although never officially confirmed by the Israeli government, an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire announced by Hamas on Tuesday night is still in place.Read Also: Israelis and Palestinians Renew a Fragile CeasefireLieberman responded to the Israeli security cabinet’s decision to accept a truce with Gaza as “surrendering to terror.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the truce during a speech, saying: “At these moments, leadership is not about doing the easy thing. Leadership is about doing the right thing, even if it is difficult.” Lieberman told reporters in Jerusalem on Wednesday: “Despite the difference in opinion, I tried to stay a faithful member of the government for a long as possible…but it has failed.”Palestinians view the defense minister’s resignation as a political victory. Hamas Spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri called Lieberman’s resignation a “recognition of the defeat before the growing force of the Palestinian resistance,” which showed a “state of weakness that has overcome the Israelis.”Lieberman’s resignation removes the far-right Israel Beitenu party from Netanyahu’s conservative coalition, weakening the prime minister’s position in upcoming elections. The loss of five Israel Beitenu seats gives Netanyahu control over only 61 of 120 parliamentary seats. read more

2 Oct

Somalia UN official commends election of speaker of regional assembly

“The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia Nicholas Kay welcomed the election of the Speaker of the Galmudug…by members of the assembly in Adaado, on 27 June,” said a statement issued this morning by the UN Assistance Mission in the country (UNSOM), whicj Mr. Kay heads. Mr. Kay congratulated the newly elected speaker, Ali Ga’al Asir, and expressed satisfaction with the completion of this “important stage of the Central Regions’ state formation process.” He also commended Abdirahman Mohamed Husen, Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs, the Technical Committee, and the regional assembly members “for conducting a successful, transparent process of electing the Speaker and Deputy Speakers,” he said. Stressing that the regional assembly now has the “critical task” of electing the President of the Galmudug Regional Administration, the Special Representative urged it to conduct this “important” process in a “similarly” transparent and credible manner, and to bring the state formation process to a “successful conclusion.” UNSOM, the Special Representative assured, will continue to extend its “full support” to the state formation process, which will be brought to a conclusion with the election of a President, scheduled on 4 July. Yesterday, the UN Security Council issued a press statement condemning the attack on 26 June against the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) base camp in the locality of Leego, perpetrated by Al-Shabaab, which has caused the death and injury of many Burundian troops. “The members of the Security Council underlined that neither this, nor any other senseless act of terrorism in Somalia, would dent their resolve to support the peace and reconciliation process in Somalia,” emphasized the statement. read more

2 Oct

INTERVIEW Despite ISILs terrorist tactics Iraqi government forces are gaining more ground

< Previous Next > UN News Service: You just mentioned Human shields, where Dae’sh is holding many civilians hostage. Are there any operations on the ground to liberate them as soon as possible? Ján Kubiš: Well, of course we are speaking about the military operation, and it’s focusing on the objectives of the day. Whenever they take action – any part of the liberating forces – they’re always making sure that civilians are not in harm’s way. If there is a chance to liberate some civilians [they get liberated], as it happened in some suburbs and neighbouring villages. It happened that the liberating forces indeed managed to liberate some civilians that were concentrated in some locations or even imprisoned in some places. UN News Service: Now you praised, in your briefing to the Security Council, the fact that Iraqi federal forces and the Peshmerga are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder. What is next? What follows after recapturing territory and power from Dae’sh? Ján Kubiš: The next thing, if you wish, the future already started. Both [Iraqi] Prime Minister [Haider] al-Abadi and [Iraqi Kurdistan Region] President [Masoud] Barzani are also discussing different issues that are very important for the post-Da’esh relations between Baghdad and Erbil; issues of oil and revenues, disputed territory, principles on which they will rebuild their relations, and indeed, in the foreseeable future, this is their objective: to find solutions, including what kind of principles will regulate their working together and living together in one Iraq.UN News Service: Turkish troops have been in Bashiqa Camp since last December, and the heated rhetoric between Baghdad and Ankara continues to escalate. Do you see any solution to the situation? Ján Kubiš: Well, I would say that indeed the solution is, first of all to tone down the rhetoric. It’s not helpful, and I believe it’s better to give way to diplomacy and bilateral contact. If needed, discussions, such as we had at the level of the Security Council, but the most important are the bilateral contacts through diplomatic channels, and to be aware that such contacts are taking place. So far, they haven’t yielded any visible success, but we are hopeful because both sides are discussing particulars of how to resolve this issue of Camp Bashiqa, and we hope very much that it will happen.For us, heated rhetoric is something not very helpful because it’s happening at the same time as the conduct of the liberation operation and you know this is a very fluid, sometimes unpredictable, operation. So it is better if there is no distraction from what is the primary objective of everyone, which is fighting Da’esh. UN agencies and partners responded accordingly, marshalling humanitarian efforts to protect and provide urgent assistance to civilians who would get caught up in, or be displaced by the fighting. In the lead up to the military onslaught, ISIL reportedly started forcibly displacing civilians in large numbers, with the intention of using them as human shields.  The UN spoke strongly against this, with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein expressing concern about the use of vulnerable people as human shields. Another senior UN official who spoke against the terrorist practice, stressing the need to protect civilians, was Ján Kubiš, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, and head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI). In the wake of these events, Mr. Kubiš stated, “The United Nations again emphasises that all actions necessary must be undertaken to ensure the protection of the civilian inhabitants from the effects of armed conflict and violence.”For us, heated rhetoric is something not very helpful because it’s happening at the same time as the conduct of the liberation operation.Earlier this month, on 1 November, UNAMI issued its monthly casualty figures report, indicating that 1,792 Iraqis were killed and another 1,358 were injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq in October 2016. The Battle of Mosul certainly took a huge toll on civilians, but it was difficult to get the exact figure of civilian casualties. UNAMI made this clear in its statement, by noting: “Since the start of the military operations to retake Mosul and other areas in Ninewa, UNAMI has received several reports of incidents involving civilian casualties, which at times it has been unable to verify.”At the time, Mr. Kubiš noted, “With the military operations in Mosul and other areas of Ninewa underway while Daesh continues to apply its terrorist tactics using civilians as human shields and executing those that resist, civilians are once again in harm’s way, and the figures show high numbers of deaths among the civilian population.”Mr. Kubis was at the UN headquarters recently to brief the Security Council about the situation in Iraq. After the briefing, he spoke to UN News Service, where he began by describing the situation on the ground, and the Mosul’s liberation campaign. Ján Kubiš: First of all, indeed, the situation is such that we can congratulate the Iraqi security forces, the Peshmerga security forces, different tribal volunteers and others. The operation is going according to plan and it was very important in its planning and conduct that it has taken into account one imperative: protection of civilians. In Mosul there’ve been a lot of civilians that are leaving, many of them, taking refuge in suburbs and distant territories. Also, unfortunately Da’esh is taking tens of thousands of civilians to use them as human shields. Therefore, protection of civilians in the context of military operations is very important. Protection of civilians remains a top priority in the Battle of Mosul, as Iraqi government forces continue their push to recapture the second largest Iraqi city from the extremist group, ISIL or Da’esh, according to Ján Kubiš, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq. Mr. Kubiš was speaking to UN News Service, shortly after addressing the UN Security Council on situation in Iraq and the month-long operation by Iraqi security forces to retake Mosul. UN News Service: In this regard, in the context of the fluidity that you just mentioned, what is your message today?Ján Kubiš: The message is, first of all, congratulations, because in spite of all the problems and challenges and in spite of stiff resistance from Da’esh, and in spite of their terrorist tactics of using civilians as human shields, pro-government forces are getting more and more ground, liberating more and more parts, including some parts of Mosul. They are moving forward very carefully. Every step, every stage they are performing from the perspective of how to not harm civilians. We witness a steady progress. This is good, even though it is still the initial phase of the operations. We must be careful, we hope very much that the operation will continue, but again, Mosul is still ahead. The majority of people live in the center of Mosul. We keep our fingers crossed while indeed acknowledging good work, a hard job of the liberating forces and also acknowledging the martyrs that paid the high sacrifice in fighting Da’esh. A displaced family walks under sky blackened by burning oil towards Al Qayyarah, 19 October 2016. The commencement on 17 October of the military operation to retake Mosul city from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marked an escalation of the Level 3 emergency in Iraq. In the rural areas south-east of Mosul, 19 oil wells have been set ablaze by retreating armed groups, specifically around the town of Al Qayyarah. Photo: OCHA/ Themba LindenSome 19 oil wells have been set ablaze by retreating armed groups, specifically around the town of Al Qayyarah. People arriving to Al Qayyarah seeking refuge face serious health risks. Burning crude oil produces a wide range of pollutants, including soot and gases. The subsequent effects on local populations’ and the health of affected communities depend on the concentration of the pollutants inhaled, as well as the duration of exposure and proximity to the oil fires. Photo: OCHA/ Themba LindenKhazer M1 camp of the Iraq Ministry of Migration and Displacement that was prepared for families displaced people due to the military operations to retake Mosul from ISIL. First families arrived at the camp on 25 and 26 October and the camp housed 1,200 families on 7 November. Photo: OCHA/ Philippe KropfA girl speaks with a woman from Triangle Génération Humanitaire, a UNICEF partner in education, just outside the UNICEF-supported Child-Friendly Space on 5 November 2016 in Hasansham refugee camp in Erbil Governorate, Iraq. In early November 2016, the International Organization for Migration’s Displacement Tracking Matrix system recorded 34,038 people displaced by the military operations to retake Mosul. Photo: UNICEF/AnmarA young internally displaced Iraqi girl stands on a dusty path at the edge of Debaga camp, near Mosul in northern Iraq. Smoke from oil fires can be seen in the background. Photo: UNHCR/Ivor Prickett read more

25 Sep

Day of Rage latest Grenfell Tower volunteer confronts activists for hijacking disaster

first_imgIn an incendiary Facebook post, the MFJ declared there was a “class war” being waged by the Government on the working class, concluding: “There will be no peace until this Government is brought down.”Among the demands made are the permanent right to remain in the UK for all Grenfell Tower residents and for survivors to take over unoccupied flats in Kensington and Chelsea. A woman (C) with a placard that reads "No justice no peace" marches with other demonstrators through London  It is unclear exactly how many people will attend the Day of Rage protest. But the event’s Facebook page indicates that more than 1,000 people are interested in attending.The big question is if there will be violence. There are inevitable fears that the protest could attract violent anarchists, but the truth is no one yet knows.There is certainly a large police presence around Westminster this morning in anticipation of the protest. Protesters hold signs calling for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Disaster  More from Hayley Dixon.Protestors have begun a sit in outside Parliament as they refuse to be moved into the square. Day of Rage event page on Facebook, where hundreds of people have said they will attend A man who lives close to Grenfell Tower and who has been involved in the relief effort condemned the Day of Rage protest as “undignified”, reports Henry Bodkin.Paul Nelson, whose three daughters attended the nursery adjacent to Grenfell, angrily confronted demonstrators at the Shepherd’s Bush demonstration.’They are not running around offering to find mattresses for Westway (sports centre). They are running around saying how can we get Jeremy Corbyn in.’I’m very upset because I think it’s being politicising the anger. Now is not the time.’ One protester used a megaphone to tell the small crowd to stop talking to the police officers wearing blue police liaison uniforms, reports Hayley Dixon.The man, stood next to a sign by the Revolutionary Communist Group, said: “Please everyone stop talking to the officers in the blue uniform.”They are gathering information and asking leading questions. How did you find out about this, things like that.”Another took the microphone and said: “Just to reiterate, please do not talk to the police. We are here in solidarity with Grenfell.” 11:22AMHow big will ‘Day of Rage’ be and will there be violence? Day of Rage Facebook Page 3:48PM’No justice, no peace’: Estimated 200 protesters arrive in Parliament Square Protesters show their anger as they seek ‘justice for Grenfell’Credit:Dan Kitwood/Getty ‘Day of Rage’ protesters aim to ‘bring down Government’Demo billed as day of action for Grenfell Tower victimsOrganisers accused of hijacking disaster for politicsProtests urging ‘May must go’ also planned for ParliamentMarches coincide with unveiling of Queen’s SpeechJohn McDonnell urges protesters to ‘follow Gandhi’Revealed: Protest chief convicted of Tory chairman attackGrenfell Tower: High-rise blaze left at least 79 deadOrganisers behind a “Day of Rage” protest in London were accused of hijacking the Grenfell Tower disaster for political purposes on Wednesday. The demonstration, started by Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary (MFJ), is billed as a day of action for the victims of the inferno that left at least 79 dead.Coinciding with the day of the Queen’s Speech, hundreds of people are taking part in a four-and-a-half mile march to Westminster that is aiming to “bring down the Government”.But one Grenfell Tower relief volunteer who lives close to the scene of the tragedy was involved in an angry confrontation with demonstrators at the start of the march.Computer software engineer Paul Nelson, 53, condemned the protest as “undignified”, adding: “I’m very upset because I think it’s being politicising the anger. Now is not the time.” A new chant – ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ – breaks into the MFJ march Top 10. It’s being heartily supported. Now past Queensway. @DannyBoyle87 pic.twitter.com/l7zXpMVC9B— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 “We cannot emphasise enough how against this many of the affected residents we’ve spoken to are and they do not want their grief hijacked for any violent or destructive means,” a spokesman said. Bring down the government 2:43PMGrenfell local: We are more angry than most of the people here Day of Rage protesters on Parliament SquareCredit:Nick Edwards With chants for “justice” continuing as the march progresses through west London, many banners carry the slogan: “Justice for Grenfell”.Signs bearing messages of anger are peppered throughout the crowd, with one reading: “This rage is justified”.However, a Grenfell local known only as Zeyad, insisted that people living near the disaster are “more angry than most of the people here” 1:20PM’We are going to shout until we have no voice left’ Heavy police presence outside Parliament, which is surrounded by barriers Campaign poster #DayOfRage pic.twitter.com/GMIcexbt8P— Steven Stocks (@Stocko3000) June 21, 2017 Protesters hold signs calling for 'justice' He told protesters: “This march has been labelled as a march of rage. We are all tired at Grenfell and it has to stay peaceful.”If anything kicks off here, you are giving people the excuse to ruin what we have done over the past seven days. “We are as angry, if not more angry than most of the people here. If you are really here for the residents of my community then you will keep this peaceful.  “We want justice to be held, I am begging you do not ruin it. We want answers, but we want answers in the right way.”  2:24PM’Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’, crowd chants a mile-and-a-half into march There are three demonstrations taking place in London today. They are:Day of Rage – from 1pmAfter meeting in Shepherd’s Bush Green at 11.30am to “make signs, banners and speak out”, protesters will march to Downing Street from 1pm. Hundreds of people are expecting to join the walk to Westminster, which is likely to take around 90 minutes.On its Facebook page, MFJ references the Grenfell Tower fire and “brutal austerity, cuts and anti-immigrant attacks”.It says: “Politicians and many community and religious leaders will be looking to divert our rage and fury into inquiries, investigations, reports, court hearings, and parliamentary processes.”We will not accept those brush-offs and diversions, we will not settle for less than the destruction of May’s coalition of austerity and bigotry – we must bring down this Government.” ‘Bring down the Government’, say placardsCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Antonio Bright, who described herself as one of the organisers of the “Day of Rage” protest, was reluctant to condemn any potential violence as protesters gathered ahead of the march, reports Hayley Dixon.She said that it was an “incorrect stereotype”. She said: “No one wants violence, but we don’t want lives of violence, we want lives of peace.”But we can’t have justice, and justice and peace go hand in hand. We are going to go to Parliament and we are going to speak out.”We are going to shout until we have no voice left. We are asking people to be angry and to express it.” Protesters carry smoke flaresCredit: Nick Edwards Just took this photo. Not sure if this is the whole march or not but if it is then that’s pretty tiny #DayOfRage pic.twitter.com/6ReFlO0at2— James Huntrods (@JamesHuntrods) June 21, 2017 Protesters carry smoke flares 3:29PMAerial picture shows scale of protest Annnnnd they’re off! The long, sweaty march from Shepherds Bush to Westminster begins. Loud but peaceful. @DannyBoyle87 pic.twitter.com/J1po6PHGN1— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 1:35PMVideo: Protesters begin the long – and sweaty – march to Parliament 4:20PMProtesters take a seat before scuffles start Young women take part in the ‘Day of Rage’ protestCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty For the first time some protesters have obscured their faces. Still peaceful though as MFJ march progresses towards Piccadilly Circus pic.twitter.com/dM2W94nvJF— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 A volunteer who claimed to have lost 20 friends in the fire said Theresa May’s “lack of humanity” in the disaster is “absolutely disgusting”. Sarah Colbourne, 44, said:”I was volunteering for four days straight and I have two children. God knows how much sleep I got that week, but Theresa May has not come down to shake any volunteers’ hands.”It’s absolutely disgusting that the leader of our country cannot come down to meet the common people.  Inside one of the richest boroughs in London and this has happened.”We have had no help, they have not even offered any help in regards to grief or counselling. All the stuff we collected, where has it gone?”My friend Helen who is now in a hotel, she lived on the 21st floor she has received nothing. Where has it gone, it has vanished.” Greed kills justice sign Armed police at the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday morningCredit:Nick Edwards for The Telegraph Protesters show their anger as they seek 'justice for Grenfell' ‘This is a class war’, said one posterCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty 5:26PMSmoke fares let off 3:46PMSmoke and flares as ‘Day of Rage’ protesters reach Downing Street  Among the demands made are the permanent right to remain in the UK for all Grenfell Tower residents and for survivors to take over unoccupied flats in Kensington and Chelsea.London Socialist Party – from 4pmThe London Socialist Party is staging a separate demonstration in Parliament Square from 4pm called: “May must go! Protest the Queen’s Speech!”On its Facebook page, it calls for people to “protest at this year’s Queen’s Speech to tell May she has no mandate for more austerity”.Stand Up To Racism – from 6pmA Stand Up To Racism demonstration is also taking place from 6pm to “protest the Queen’s Speech”.The event is titled: “Protest the Queen’s speech – no to May/DUP racism & bigotry!”On its Facebook page, it calls for people to join the protest, adding: “We want a government which opposes racism, values diversity and recognises the rights of refugees and migrants.” A campaign poster calls for protesters to ‘bring down the Government’Credit:Facebook A short while later the crowds started singing “oh Jeremy Corbyn” as the police cordoned them in. Scuffles with the police broke out, and as officers took one protester away the crowds followed chanting “let them go”.He repeatedly shouted he was a “peaceful” protester. Protesters shout as they march to WestminsterCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty The protesters are now around a mile-and-a-half into their four-and-a-half mile walk to Westminster. Singing is the order of the afternoon and of the most popular chants so far is “oh, Jeremy Corbyn”. And repeat… It’s around 30 minutes until the protest is due to leave Shepherd’s Bush Green and this is the size of the crowd – around 100 people have gathered so far. Protesters in Parliament Square 40 mins til #DayOfRage march and this is the size of the crowd pic.twitter.com/8PilKzbp9M— Tom Richell (@tomrichell) June 21, 2017 Protesters shout as they march to Westminster Protesters holding banners march through west LondonCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Heavy police presence outside Parliament, which is surrounded by barriersCredit:Nick Edwards for The Telegraph Tony Gard at a Movement for Justice rally outside an immigration removal centre in 2016Credit:MARK KERRISON/ALAMY Around 100 protesters gathered in Shepherd’s Bush from 11.30am before starting their march to Downing Street at shortly after 1.30pm – delayed by 30 minutes due to a low turn-out. Protesters hold signs calling for justice for the victims of the Grenfell disaster as they march towards WestminsterCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Smoke flares and sirens outside Downing Street pic.twitter.com/Oq9VMyIwSR— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 4:04PM’You’re a bunch of uni drop outs’ 12:55PM’Think of the mourners’, resident urges march organisercenter_img Tony Gard at a Movement for Justice rally outside an immigration removal centre in 2016 1:59PMGrenfell local: ‘Do not promote this ‘march of rage’ – it is not what we need’ Meanwhile, Zac Goldsmith, the MP for Richmond, has highlighted what bad timing the march is for London’s over-stretched emergency services: Mr Nelson, 53, who works in computer software, said he and many neighbours were attending the relief centres every day to see what was needed.”One day it’s phone chargers so we try and find as many as we can and they say ‘thanks, we’ve got enough now’ and it’s on to something else,” he added. Roughly 200 protesters have arrived in Parliament square from Shepherd’s Bush chanting “no justice, no peace”, reports Hayley Dixon.Protesters, some wearing masks and covering their faces, blocked the road outside Parliament and shouted justice for Grenfell followed by “murderers” and “terrorists”. Click here for more from Chief Reporter Robert Mendick’s exclusive story. Armed police take position on a building overlooking the Palace of WestminsterCredit:Nick Edwards for The Telegraph Day of Rage protesters on Parliament Square Within an hour, the protest swelled to around 200 people and began taking up three lanes of the road as it forced drivers to slow down. The group arrived in Westminster at around 3.45pm, with smoke and flares set off in the crowd on Whitehall.Hundreds have indicated online that they will attend, raising inevitable fears that it could attract violent anarchists.Meanwhile, the London Socialist Party is due to lead a protest in Parliament Square from 4pm, urging that ‘May must go!’. A Stand Up To Racism demonstration from 6pm will also “protest the Queen’s Speech”. Protesters have been accused of politicising the Grenfell Tower disaster 1:08PMNow is not the time for ‘undignified’ protest, Grenfell Tower relief volunteer tells campaigners 1:10PMCalls for protesters to march silently through streets A man has been detained outside Downing Street.A man dressed all in red is in handcuffs talking to police, reports Henry Bodkin.One of the organisers of the march said: “The guy said, ‘you’re a bunch of uni drop outs. You’re just stirring stuff up’.”The main march has gone onto Parliament Square Armed police take position on a building over looking the Palace of Westminster. A fourth-floor resident of Grenfell Tower who was forced to flee the fire has said any violence during the protests would “disgrace” the victims of the fire tragedy.Mahad Egal made the plea for order in a video message posted on social media.He had to run from the tower block when his next-door neighbour told him his fridge had caught fire, moments before the entire building was engulfed.”I know this is a frustrating time,” he said in the clip. “But I would just like to send a message out: please, to all those protesting, we don’t need no violence in the community, we do not want that in our name.” A woman with a placard that reads ‘no justice no peace’ marches with other demonstrators through west London Credit:DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP Protesters have been accused of politicising the Grenfell Tower disasterCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty Grenfell protest Protesters in Parliament SquareCredit:Hayley Dixon Promotion for the “Day of Rage” makes frequent reference to last week’s Grenfell tragedy, which has left dozens presumed dead and hundreds more homeless.But a charity that has been supporting those affected by the west London blaze said it “cannot emphasise enough” how many people from the tower block oppose the action. 3:04PMGrenfell volunteer: ‘Absolutely disgusting’ that Theresa May has no met common people Rosemary Mathurin, a Kensington resident, told MFJ organiser Antonia Bright:”There are people grieving. There are going to be people who aren’t at all ready to march or do something like this.”We’re trying to do white ribbons. We have to be careful about confusing people. What we need to do is bring people together. “I suggest you support the mourners. We have to make sure it’s about mourning and about love, and bringing that message of peace to Parliament. There is a lot of confusion going on here.”This government has made decisions that time and time again have caused people’s lives to be lost. It’s a day of rage because it’s about everything.”Poor people are being pushed to the margins of society. It needs to be exposed.” But the Clement James Centre, which has been helping those displaced by the fire, shunned the movement as opportunistic. After being accused of whipping up support for the “Day of Rage”, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made a renewed call for a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday morning. “Today, people may call it a Day of Rage or whatever, they have got the right, if they want, to be angry, but they haven’t got the right to be violent, all protest must be peaceful,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. As the demonstration, which has swelled to a crowd of more than 100, began marching to Westminster, protesters chanted: “What do we want? Justice.”One man, who claimed to be from the Grenfell neighbourhood, warned the crowd they risked undermining the cause of the victims.”I am begging you, please keep this peaceful, as the minute it turns into something else you have ruined it for the residents,” he said.”If you are really here for justice and are really here for the residents of my community and the people who live in that tower block, you have got to keep it peaceful.”Do not promote this ‘march of rage’ – it is not what we need.” ‘Greed kills justice’: Protesters hold home-made placardsCredit:DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP 12:35PMProtesters urge crowd to stop talking to police: ‘They are asking leading questions’ The “Day of Rage” protesters have completed their four-and-a-half mile march to Downing Street. This picture shows smoke and flares going off in the crowd.  1:30PMTheresa May: It is absolutely vital that protest is peaceful Due to the heat #DayOfRage has been replaced with #MinuteOfSlightlyMiffed pic.twitter.com/yt8z5rLja6— Ⓑring Ⓑack Ⓒake (@BBCPropaganda) June 21, 2017 The lack of huge crowds so far has led to some on social media to mock the turnout – and swap the #DayOfRage hashtag on Twitter for #MinuteOfSlightlyMiffed.  He added: “Please do not disgrace those who have been affected in Grenfell by resorting to violence, we need people to come together.”The community has come together, we don’t need no violence in the community. Please make sure it is a peaceful protest so that the people and the victims of Grenfell, the survivors of Grenfell, can all be heard.”So please, no violence, we need people to come together now, thank you.” Organisers of the “Day of Rage” march have been challenged by residents who live near Grenfell Tower about the decision to begin the protest so close to the scene, reports Henry Bodkin.Movement for Justice, the principal group behind the march, was told to “think of the mourners” and to make the event about “peace rather than protest”.The demo, which has so far attracted around 100 people, is taking place on Shepherd’s Bush Green, with plans to march to Parliament from 1pm. Among the protesters gathering appear to be a group from the Revolutionary Communist Group. Important message from Mahad Egal. Survivor of Grenfell Tower 4th Floor. #NotInOurName #WeAreTheRealCommunity#GrenfellTower pic.twitter.com/85kBG2Gr2S— getcapewearcapefly🎈 (@forgetcape) June 21, 2017 11:14AMThe man behind the protest, convicted of assaulting Tory party chairman 11:58AMSmall number of protesters begin to gather ahead of march Around 30 protesters and a smattering of TV crews have begun gathering on Shepherd’s Bush Green, reports Hayley Dixon.Placards lay on the floor reading: “Bring down the government guilty of murder. End austerity – reverse the cuts on out public services.”One group stood around a sign stating that they were from the Revolutionary Communist Party and demanding housing rights. 'Bring down the Government', say placards Concerns that the Grenfell Tower blaze was being exploited by protesters was addressed by one speaker at Shepherd’s Bush Green, where the event is beginning. We are expecting the group to start heading to Westminster at about 2pm, which is around 30 minutes later than planned.Karen Doyle, from the Movement for Justice, told the several dozen people gathered for the march: “We would never ask them (the Grenfell victims) to stand up here, we are not marching through the community, we are starting here in Shepherd’s Bush and marching to Parliament.”But there is an anger here in the wider community and across London and way across this country and this anger needs to be heard.” Asked if the Prime Minister had a message for the protesters, her official spokesman told a Westminster briefing: “There’s a long tradition of peaceful protest in this country, but what is absolutely vital is that that protest is peaceful, and we hope that that’s the case.” 12:15PMGrenfell survivor: ‘Please, no violence, we need people to come together’ #DayOfRage – just what our emergency services need right now.— Zac Goldsmith (@ZacGoldsmith) June 21, 2017 12:32PMAround 100 protesters gathering at Shepherd’s Bush Green Protesters hold signs calling for ‘justice’Credit:Dan Kitwood/Getty 11:08AMWhich protests are taking place today and what time do they start? Armed police at the Palace of Westminster. The far-left activists behind “Day of Rage” describe themselves as a “youth-led civil rights movement” which fights for “justice, equality and respect”, according to its websites.But The Telegraph can reveal that the man behind the protest, Tony Gard, is a veteran revolutionary convicted of assaulting the Conservative Party chairman. Day of Rage campaign poster Paul Nelson has helped with the Grenfell relief effort, says the Day of Rage protests ‘politicises’ the issue. He’s in a minority here. pic.twitter.com/qEnMlwL1Ju— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 Protesters holding banners march through west London ‘Bring down the government’ is one of the central messages of the protestCredit:Dan Kitwood/Getty 2 demonstrators have called for a silent march. 1 explicitly warned of the danger of sparking riots such as in 2011. Polite applause at best pic.twitter.com/0XunWNUT3F— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 1:28PM’This anger needs to be heard’: Campaigner addresses concerns protest is exploiting Grenfell As the march prepares to get under way, at least two protesters have called for it be held in silent.  11:09AMJohn McDonnell calls for peaceful demonstration 12:42PM’Day of Rage?’ Is it more like #MinuteOfSlightlyMiffed? 3:09PMSome protesters begin obscuring faces as they head towards Piccadilly As the protest heads towards Westminster, this picture taken from a high window shows the scale of the protest.Observers on Twitter estimate around 150 people are involved in the march: The Revolutionary Communist Group one of many at the Shepherds Bush leg of Day of Rage @DannyBoyle87 pic.twitter.com/YhpII3dMX7— Henry Bodkin (@HenryBodkin) June 21, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

25 Sep

New phone helpline for troops with mental health problems is launched

first_imgHis widow, Lainey Hunt, 41, said: “This is brilliant news. Soldiers need someone to talk to. A lot of lads are put off talking to doctors and counsellors face-to-face, so the helpline will be very useful.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A lot of lads are put off talking to doctors and counsellors face-to-face, so the helpline will be very usefulWidow Lainey Hunt The helpline will be funded by the Ministry of Defence and run with the charity Combat Stress.Lord Dannatt said the new helpline, which opens at midday on Sunday, was a “massive improvement” in support for troops.The Military Mental Health Helpline can be called on 0800 323 4444.center_img A helpline to give troops suffering from mental health problems round-the-clock support is being launched.Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced an extra £20 million in funding to pay for the hotline and other new support services over the next decade.It follows calls by campaigners, including Lord Dannatt, former head of the British Army, for more help for struggling soldiers.Mr Williamson said it was “simply unacceptable” that troops should suffer in silence.”It is our duty to ensure we do all we can for our world-class personnel,” he told the Mail on Sunday. “I will be working personally with the service chiefs to make sure there isn’t a single person in the Armed Forces who doesn’t know where to turn in times of trouble.”Royal Engineer Nathan Hunt, who had served in a desert reconnaissance unit with Prince Harry in Afghanistan, where he won a gallantry award, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and killed himself on New Year’s Day.His mother Maria Hunt, 64, told the newspaper she was “thrilled to bits” that the helpline was being set up.”I am so glad that something good has come out of Nathan’s death,” she added.last_img read more

22 Sep

NEW MONTPELLIER PROBLEM Diego Simonet to miss action in November

In three weeks, I’m going to do some exams, I have a fatigue fracture in my right foot, it’s stress and fatigue.Experienced left wing Michael Gigou is back in the squad after two months.First non-European EHF CL Final4 MVP is Diego Simonet – Gensheimer’s hat-trick ← Previous Story Egyptian Zamalek SC win African Handball Champions League 2018 Next Story → Yiannis Arvanitis about Greek success: We are small on EURO handball map, but… Diego Simonet Bad start of the season for Montpellier Handball is even more critical after injury of Argentinian playmaker Diego Simonet.The 29-years old MVP of the last EHF CL Final4 has broken foot and will miss whole November of action of his team at LidlStar Ligue and EHF Champions League. read more

22 Sep

And the Forbes worlds most powerful person is

first_imgTHE FORBES MOST powerful person in the world list is out and this year the title went to Russian President Vladimir Putin.Credit: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP/Press Association ImagesThe Russian leader knocked his US counterpart, Barack Obama off the top spot. The US president held the title last year.Obama has been on the top of the list for every year with the exception of 2010, when Hu Jintao, the former political and military leader of China, was number one.The annual World’s Most Powerful list is made up of heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs and the list represents the collective wisdom of top Forbes editors, who consider hundreds of nominees before ranking the planet’s top 72 power-brokers.NewcomersThere are thirteen newcomers which include, Pope Francis (No. 4), Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee (No. 41), Volkswagen’s Martin Winterkorn (No. 49) and the South Korean President Park Geun-hye (No. 52), to name but a few.There are just nine women on the list, but that is an improvement on both 2011 and 2012 which featured six women leaders and the inaugural list from 2009 included only 3. Two of the world’s most important NGO’s run by women feature on the list – Christine Lagarde (No. 35) who leads the IMF and Margaret Chan (No. 59) who steers the World Health Organisation.Here are the top ten. To view the full list click here.#2. Barack Obama, President of the United StatesCharles Dharapak/AP/Press Association Images#3. XI Jinping, General Secretary Communist Party of ChinaAP Photo#4. Pope Francis, Roman Catholic ChurchSource: Vatican/YouTube#5. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of GermanyYves Logghe/AP/Press Association Image#6. Bill Gates, Cofounder Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationPBG/PBG/Empics Entertainment#7. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the US Federal ReserveAlex Brandon/AP/Press Association Images#8. King Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the King of Saudi ArabiaCarolyn Kaster/AP/Press Association Images#9. Mario Draghi President of the European Central BankSteven Senne/AP/Press Association Images#10. Michael Duke CEO Wal-MartApril L. Brown/AP/Press Association Images And the world’s highest earning actress is…>Merkel, Obama, Clinton, Gates: here’s who topped the list of most powerful women>last_img read more

22 Sep

Toronto mayor heads back to work after rehab but wants his offices

first_imgTORONTO MAYOR ROB Ford has revealed that he will be back at work at the end of June following a stint in rehab for his internationally publicised alcohol and drug abuse.In a letter to the city clerk, Ford said he “will be returning to City Hall on Monday, June 30th, 2014, in the later portion of the afternoon, to resume my duties as mayor of Toronto.”He also asked to have the locks restored on his office.Ford, 44, took a leave of absence from city hall in May in the middle of his re-election campaign to enter rehab after several videos surfaced over the past year showing him allegedly smoking crack.The latest video reportedly showed him smoking the addictive cocaine derivative with his sister in her basement in April, refuting Ford’s claims that he had kicked the habit.Smoking crackThe mayor’s drug abuse was first revealed last year when an alleged drug dealer tried to sell another video of him smoking crack to the media.At first, Ford denied using the illicit drug but later acknowledged he had smoked the crack while in a “drunken stupor” and yet insisted he was not an addict.Since then, Ford has been filmed numerous times in public behaving erratically.PowersToronto City Council stripped the mayor of most of his powers in November over his misconduct.Upon his return, Ford is expected to continue campaigning on a give-me-another-chance platform ahead of October elections.The latest public opinion polls during his absence from the limelight showed his support has plunged to a low of 32 percent.Interest in his antics, however, remains high and has even inspired a musical stage show about his life, premiering in Toronto in September.- © AFP, 2014Read: Toronto’s controversial ‘crack-smoking mayor’ to enter rehab >More: Toronto Mayor stripped of powers then knocks female councillor over >last_img read more

20 Sep

Découverte dun poisson mâle qui couve ses œufs après les avoir sélectionnés

first_imgDécouverte d’un poisson mâle qui couve ses œufs après les avoir sélectionnésUne récente étude révèle que chez Syngnathus scovelli, un petit poisson des mers chaudes, c’est le mâle qui assure la gestation des œufs… mais seulement après avoir soigneusement sélectionné ceux issus des femelles les plus grandes.Des chercheurs de l’université A&M du Texas ont découvert que chez ces petits poissons des mers chaudes, ne mesurant pas plus de douze centimètres, ce sont les mâles qui couvent les œufs, selon une méthode très particulière. L’étude publiée dans la revue Nature précise en effet qu’ils sélectionnent leur progéniture, en se débarrassant le plus souvent des œufs issus d’un accouplement avec une femelle de petite taille. Cette pratique aurait pour but d’économiser leurs forces, pour les réserver aux œufs dont les chances de survie sont meilleures.Si ce genre de sélection est courant dans le règne animal, c’est la première fois qu’il est observé pour une espèce chez laquelle c’est le mâle qui assure la gestation de sa progéniture.”Au bout du compte, si le mâle aime la maman, les enfants seront mieux traités”, commente l’un des auteurs de cette étude, Kimberley Paczolt. Et d’ajouter : “C’est un peu comme s’ils se demandaient : ‘Est-ce que ces bébés valent autant d’efforts ?’ “.Comme chez les hippocampes dont Syngnathus scovelli est un cousin, les œufs choisis et couvés sont placés dans une poche où ils seront nourris et pourront se développer. Le mâle peut porter jusqu’à 40 petits, la gestation durant entre douze et quatorze jours.Le 28 mars 2010 à 20:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

18 Sep

Di Francesco opens up about Malcom

first_imgAS Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco has opened up about losing out to Barcelona on the race to sign Malcom.Di Francesco has revealed that the Italian club have accepted their fate after missing the chance to sign the Brazil winger from French club Bordeaux.The Giallorossi defeated the Spanish champions 4-2 in their International Champions Cup friendly in the United States despite Malcom scoring his second goal in as many games in a Barcelona shirt.During the post-match conference after the game the Roma gaffer was questioned about losing the signature of Malcom to the Catalans, and he said, according to Calciomercato:“I experienced the whole saga surrounding Malcom’s transfer with great tranquility.”What is wrong with Sampdoria? Taimoor Khan – September 3, 2019 Things just aren’t going the way Sampdoria had planned with the club now having conceded 7 goals in the opening two games of the…“He is a fantastic player and if Barcelona were also after him, it shows we scouted well. I wish him all the best with them.”“I’m happy with the players I’ve and we can’t do anything about the fact that the player has chosen to play for another team.”Roma continue preseason preparations in the International Champions Cup in the USA, with their next match coming against European champions Real Madrid.The Rome based club have already added nine players to their squad this summer as they prepare for another season of Champions League football after making it to the semis last season.last_img read more

16 Sep

Five from Portland company die in Peru chopper crash

first_imgLIMA, Peru — Five U.S. citizens are among seven people killed in the crash of a U.S.-owned cargo helicopter in the Peruvian jungle.Peruvian authorities say the heavy-lift chopper crashed Monday after taking off from the provincial capital of Pucallpa.It was owned by Columbia Helicopters of Portland.The company’s executive vice president Peter Lance confirms the deaths. He tells The Associated Press the five dead Americans were employees of the company.Lance did not immediately provide more information.Local police official Miguel Cardoso said Tuesday morning that three bodies have been recovered. He says it appears all jumped from the chopper.last_img read more

12 Sep

Tash Sultana Imagine Dragons Neil Young To Headline BottleRock Fest

first_imgHeadliners also include Mumford & Sons, Gary Clark Jr., Logic, Santana, and Pharrell WilliamsPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Jan 7, 2019 – 1:21 pm BottleRock Napa Festival announced the lineup for its seventh-edition kickoff to summer festival season on May 24-26 with headliners including GRAMMY award winners Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons and Neil Young, playing with Lukas Nelson’s band Promise Of The Real. Other headliners include Gary Clark Jr., Sylvan Esso, Logic, Lord Huron, OneRepublic, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Santana, Tash Sultana, and Pharrell Williams.”We’re putting the rock into BottleRock and owning it,” organizer Dave Graham told Billboard. “We love rock, we love guitars, and it’s reflective of the lineup we put together.” In addition to spectacular artists and some of the world’s greatest guitarists, other festival favorites include the Williams-Sonoma Culinary Stage and the Silent Disco, which will host GRAMMY nominees Crystal Method and Paul Oakenfold, among others. Twitter News Email Facebook BottleRock’s distinctive variety is evidenced by GRAMMY winners Big Boi and Juanes in the lineup. Other nominees booked for this spring’s bash include Cypress Hill, Anderson East, Skylar Grey, Elle King, and Midland.Variety can be the brightest joy of an eclectic festival like BottleRock and we’ve been following many of the diverse artists scheduled to play in May, including AJR, Madison Beer, Bishop Briggs, Dustbowl Revival, Jeff Goldblum, Marian Hill, Jenny Lewis, the Regrettes, the Soul Rebels, and Vintage Trouble. The Napa Valley Youth Symphony will return again to add to the local flavor.Tickets for the three days go on sale on Jan. 8 at the festival’s website, and one-day tickets go on sale on Jan. 10.Greta Van Fleet, Tamar-Kali, White Reaper: 11 Artists Keeping Rock AliveRead more https://twitter.com/BottleRockNapa/status/1082306292121780224 BottleRock: Imagine Dragons, Tash Sultana, More tash-sultana-imagine-dragons-neil-young-headline-bottlerock-fest Tash Sultana, Imagine Dragons, Neil Young To Headline BottleRock Fest last_img read more

11 Sep

POLICE LOG for May 16 Brush Fire Off Highway Tractor Trailer Complaint

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights of the Wilmington Police Log for Thursday, May 16, 2019:A property manager on Andover Street reported a tractor trailer unit was parked in the driveway, hindering traffic, and the driver refused to move. Police responded and spoke with driver, who was waiting for his truck to charge before moving along. Tractor trailer was not hindering traffic. (12:22pm)Fire Department responded to a brush fire on 93 North, near Exit 38. (4:58pm)A 2-vehicle crash took place on Middlesex Avenue near the library. All parties declined medical attention. One driver was issued a warning for marked lanes violation. (6:12pm)A caller reported her neighbor was in the hallway yelling at Avalon Oaks. Police responded and restored the peace. (7:47pm)A Fairmeadow Road caller reported hearing a loud bang and water spouting in the air down the street. Water Department was just flushing hydrants. (8:04pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 25: Police Respond Twice To Customers Behaving Badly At Market Basket; Erratic Driver Admits To TextingIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for September 5: Train Conductor Helps Locate Missing Puppy; Rented Trucks Not Returned To UHaulIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for July 24: Tractor Trailer Involved In Hit & Run; Billerica Man Issued Summons; Driver Hurt In CrashIn “Police Log”last_img read more

6 Sep

Kejriwal meets Sitharaman urges to clear Rs 3000 cr pending

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday called on Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at her North Block office, urging her to clear Rs 3,000 crore pending integrated goods and services tax (IGST) dues of Delhi. Congratulating Sitharaman on assuming the important charge of Finance Minister, Kejriwal requested her to clear Rs 3,000 crore pending integrated goods and services tax (IGST) dues of Delhi. The IGST dues for the first year of the roll-out of the indirect tax in 2017-18 (FY18) are still pending. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister told the Finance Minister that Delhi contributes around Rs 1.5 lakh crore as Income Tax towards the Central exchequer, however in return Delhi gets merely Rs 325 crore as share in central taxes, which too has been frozen since nearly two decades. In comparison, the share of other states in central taxes is quite high. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us The Chief Minister told the Finance Minister that the more the Centre invests in Delhi, it will lead to a boom in the economy here and Delhiites will provide more tax collections to the Centre. Sitharaman was also apprised of the fact that the Centre provides grants to states for the civic bodies, however, Delhi has been deprived of this and therefore the Municipal Corporations are not getting any help from the Centre. Advertise With Us Both Sisodia and Kejriwal urged her to provide funds for the Municipal Corporations to improve their financial conditions. The Delhi Ministers assured her of full cooperation from the Delhi government and stressed upon the need for the two governments to work together for the betterment and further development of the national capital. Kejriwal said the goal of his government is to tirelessly work for the welfare of Delhi.last_img read more

29 Aug

Mahahual fishermen say sargasso killing lobsters

first_imgMahahual, Q.R. — Fishermen in Mahahual say that the large amounts of sargasso is having a negative impact on lobster trapping this year, with many surfacing dead.Anselmo Leal May, president of the Cooperativa Pesquera Langosteros del Caribe, explained that sargasso weakens and kills lobsters. He explained that large volumes of the seagrass has landed along Mahahual shores, increasing the mortality rate of the lobsters.“We have to go deeper to get the lobsters because where there is sargasso, the lobster dies,” he explained.Leal May said that as marketers, they have plans to sell to Japan but that operation is in danger due to the sargasso.“We have the plan to export two tons per week,” said the fisherman. Leal May indicated that their production also supplies the market throughout the state.In March, a Canadian investor made a deal with a cooperative in Cozumel to buy live lobsters that would be shipped to Canada and Hong Kong.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

19 Aug

Perfect Fit Campaign is back with air credits vouchers loyalty points

first_img Posted by MISSISSAUGA — TravelBrands has reintroduced its Perfect FIT campaign with one of its premier partners, Sandals & Beaches Resorts, offering air credit and holiday vouchers to clients as well as agent loyalty points.TravelBrands clients travelling with Sunquest will get up to Cdn$1,100 air credit per couple. Holiday House clients will receive a US$100 for Island Routes voucher per couple towards an excursion. Travel partners benefit from up to 10X the Loyalty Points.For travel agents TravelBrands also offers Sandals & Beaches Reservation Specialists, first priority calling and the company’s Price Match Guarantee.Agents can also use shortcuts for booking Sandals and Beaches Groups, get top commissions, three-day options on land only and Sandals Select Points Redemption. For more information, visit travelbrands.com. Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Tags: Beaches Resorts, Commission, Promotions, Sandals Resorts, Sunquest, TravelBrands Sharecenter_img Perfect Fit Campaign is back with air credits, vouchers, loyalty points Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more