31 Jul

Talking about the feeling of the website called garbage station

to tell you the truth, Xin worked hard and stood up. In the end, others looked at their own station and said it was a garbage station. Think about it, if it were you, what would it be like?

can recognize their own website really looks like a garbage station, but honestly, I own this station domain name registration has been a year, although at the time of registration of the domain name, also only one yuan, but did not know what the construction site for a person, a domain name yuan, but also very expensive, because in addition to the domain name, space, and website template, these are called people to spend money to buy and do a lot of money, add up to is the words. read more

31 Jul

The flow is serious forcing Taobao union reform

at the end of last year, Taobao players should know, the Taobao alliance conducted a very large-scale reform. The change for the Taobao customers greater impact is divided into three, one forced jump love Taobao, two in the double 12 days before the full line of recovery of cross store settlement authority, three is to promote before the channel for the record.


want to crack down on small Taobao customers,


at first glance, the customization of these rules, raised a lot of small Taobao customers to promote the threshold, in fact, in-depth data analysis, the alliance’s approach is not in order to crack down on small Taobao customers. Instead, it is designed to curb traffic predators and regulate the market. read more

31 Jul

Several websites not to be made in 2009

first: a big touch ball site

many sites rely on walking a fine line to attract click, most likely to be walking a fine line, and most likely to be sentenced to death include yellow, poison, reactionary, as long as your site involves the ranks, I believe the website from the death of the day really is not far away, now the relevant departments of the the content of Internet supervision is increasingly standardized, admittedly, some sites rely on walking a fine line to attract some attention, but the slightest mistake will fall into the doomed eternally, so suggest the webmaster in 09 years or honestly do normal useful content. read more

31 Jul

Questioned the legitimacy to deal with illegal sites throughout the telecommunications network fault

questioned the legality of China Telecom’s handling of the entire computer room breaking network in dealing with illegal websites. Who protects the rights of legitimate sites,


December 5, 2009 1 a.m., Caobao Road telecommunications room the broken network (though the sealing of the port 80) cause all managed in the room can not access the site, said IDC Telecom will check on each server.

December 8, 2009 around 6 p.m., in the absence of any notification, the Caobao Road Telecom machine room was broken whole network, this time is not only sealed 80 ports. IDC said the CCTV interview tomorrow, the telecom net. What time release unpredictable. read more

31 Jul

Take a step to deal with the problem as boundless as the sea and sky is the key to solve the dispute

every industry is not perfect. It is impossible for all the problems to be properly solved, so we often hear some industry disputes and do the same. Whether it is virtual Internet or real life, it is difficult to avoid, depending on how the parties to resolve the incident. All say, do stand, such as life, Adsense in the website management and daily affairs processing, everywhere embodies personal style.


served as moderator at the A5 forum bbs.admin5.com, often see some "expose" posts in the forum, said nothing more than the contents of a company are not good, an alliance is a liar, how ID and so on, to expose the posts regularly, but post the truth behind it is people can be clear at a glance. Often there will be a reported company or alliance to find us, ask for deletion of the post, saying that the report is not true, the company’s great impact, and so on, similar things have occurred. read more

31 Jul

Fuzhou makeup school how to do online education platform

Fuzhou makeup school online education is in the air of the current period, many enterprises in Fuzhou early makeup school training company (http://s.www.nibajia.com/) have Fuzhou makeup school transformation Fuzhou makeup school online education, based on Internet technology to the enterprise customers more products experience. However, since it is Fuzhou make-up school transformation to the line, there will be no depth of operations, this part of the short board of traditional enterprises. How to do the operation well, read more

31 Jul

How does individual stationmaster hold the website profit

Hello, I chat with you today is the knight, owners how to earn money! First ask you a question: the new Adsense, there are several month to rely on the website to earn 2000? We all know that Internet money is not so simple, do need to invest the net platform ticket, investment is not only energy or money


knight in 07 years, put in half a year, and then earn about 8000 monthly. Not until the second half of the 08 year did the financial crisis stop making money. After months of losing money, the crisis took place in a few months. Money is not easy to earn money on so few people generally do! Each hot key, ranking in dozens of less can earn some money! Site on our website can put ads, of course you don’t want to put advertising talent flow. read more

31 Jul

Dating website experience

2009 is the year of cattle, many friends know that friends will bring a lot of traffic, or do it easy to make money after starting.

has a lot of friends with great expectations, and then he has made his own dating network. He looks forward to making money in my dating platform,.

geomantic omen studies the laws of temporal and spatial variation of the environment. Even though space remains unchanged, time flows. Geomantic omen uses the square of eight diagrams to express space, and uses three yuan and nine words to express time. All things move in time and space. read more

31 Jul

Eight major points of windows server security maintenance

        1 check the website’s code, check whether the hacker has placed a web page, Trojan horse and ASP Trojan, and whether there is a back door program in the website code.

2, check the security of the site code, check the presence of SQL injection vulnerabilities, upload file vulnerabilities and other common vulnerabilities to the site security vulnerabilities.

3 analyzes the logs of the server operating system, checks whether the system has been hacked, checks whether the Trojans have been installed, and what changes have been made to the system. read more