30 Aug

The three tag site how to do this

pay attention to the new website and have certain weights of the old site in the setting of the title of the website is different.


analysis of three labels on the website how to write the standard:

website title tags: Title website keyword tags: Keywords description tags: description

second, brand website:

site description standard in a typical note to you an overview of the theme of the website content, pay attention to control the number of words in less than 120, the description of which can appear 1 to 2 times the target site keywords; is the title keywords, but not too much. read more

30 Aug

Web site included from 300 to 7760 is not a leap is a matter of chance


website, is the webmaster do the primary problem, because the weight is low, the new moment of quality problem, or update frequency and other factors hindering the progress of the web site included, Guangzhou logistics network too early because of problems included, blamed by others and doubt, because they have their own views and opinions, and even for some do not know much about Shanghai Longfeng people see is the result, even can be ignored, starting from the first day on the line, Guangzhou logistics network only included an article, and this situation persisted for about 1 months or so, although much criticized, but his heart was still clear, the website do enough place it is only a matter of time, solve the website read more

28 Aug

How to according to the single page website of Shanghai dragon optimization

effect will be better!

2: to leave the chain on the blog, there are a lot of free blog, in addition to the door apartment layout blog, and the blog community, we can in these.

with Taobao off hot, in order to make their products out of the site quickly, so many competitors, single page websites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, this is because the single page website Jianzhan simple, easy management, product promotion etc. in various ways, but it is because of this single page website construction the threshold is relatively low, so competition becomes very intense, so many sites were put into limbo! Visible if the single page website without proper Shanghai Longfeng, there is no way to get good rankings, for here we have to focus on how to according to the single page web site of the Shanghai dragon read more

28 Aug

Analysis of several major reasons for the effect is not good

third: Shanghai auction professionals lack of love.

customers are most concerned about is the price, this is my personal experience, a problem most often asked the guests consultation is the price, so when some customers to consult the website, ask price, answer the call to high, guests will leave, he will go to the goods more than three; if the answer is low, or no answer and no profit is not friendly to customers. So the customer service in the offer of the control, is the need to have certain skills, well, you can retain a large. read more

27 Aug

Keywords ranking third pages before the solution does not stop

first, to understand the needs of users is constantly changing, keyword search page will continue to change. So, how do scientific analysis of the needs of key words? Want to know a certain keyword ranking requirement, it is necessary to analyze the ranking of the first page of the website data, and search demand in the short term can come to know through the drop-down list. These data is the need to adjust the direction of the site, the old user general website loyalty, will directly enter the new user will find suitable for their own needs website. To set the content of the website according to user needs change, can not only retain old customers, but also attract new users. read more

27 Aug

Keywords excessive optimization and ranking accidental discovery

preferred to ensure update your site every day, the renewal of the original article, if some sites do not update the article every day, the light chain this method does not work. Keywords ranking is often you update the site, outside the chain, then love Shanghai weight, before ranking keywords suddenly up, the flow rate also increased, we want a way to these ranking keywords love Shanghai index, as far as possible on the first page. At this time not to rely on the rapid top, and the crazy hair chain. read more

12 Aug

Domain magical insight into rival marketing strategy

"Kung Fu", only through to the main competitor website love Shanghai domain query results by analysis, I found that the competition website although Shanghai dragon do not too good, but it’s news marketing consciousness is very strong, always looking for the bright spot, by making news topic the consciousness of authority, to attract media attention, uninterrupted news marketing, even Beijing, people贵族宝贝.cn, Sohu, Sina, Tencent are filled with a lot of it. The reports, other website reproduced more, it is not difficult to imagine, even if only confined to the site of Shanghai dragon’s point of view, this it also makes it have a high weight of the chain (although this is more pure text.) this is the same industry website, other incomparable great advantage. read more

12 Aug

Do something to let you fall in love with the love of Shanghai station

, a general practitioner in Shanghai dragon, after 6.28 7.12 three large-scale K station, I think a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is faced with a drastic reduction in income, even the risk of unemployment. Love the Shanghai continuous update and adjust the effect of continuous mass is a lot of people did not think that the cause of the individual adjustment of the owners of direct and indirect effects may also love Shanghai unexpectedly.


, I think, it is love in Shanghai where there is wrong, but we also have some impulse. To love Shanghai promotion and not ranked on our website and included, have any direct or indirect benefits. Do not understand the situation of the company is a hurt, after all these companies are not against us, but they are not directly responsible for the incident. Do not know the love events in Shanghai how many companies will hurt. read more

12 Aug

Analysis of writing enterprise website optimization scheme of eight elements

four, the content of the website

website design mainly includes homepage navigation, navigation, vertical text, product pictures, contacts, etc. at the bottom of the text. Here Xiaobian remind, need to pay attention to the column directory name and folder name set up a website, can refer to a small series of station of Hunan Shanghai dragon column set, such as: Shanghai dragon correspondence "/jianjie"; "/fuwu"; the corresponding service project of Shanghai Longfeng institute corresponding "/ Xuexi"; Shanghai Longfeng experience correspond to /jingyan ". read more

12 Aug

For entering the search engine optimization industry some suggestions of the students

as a Chinese, but also as a webmaster, I believe that all the people in the language are hostile to love Shanghai. In fact, I personally think that the love of Shanghai is the best search engine (no one). The reason is very simple, because I love Shanghai more understand Chinese habits, will slowly adapt to people’s habits. Love is to take Shanghai with Google compared to the most common people, in fact, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of these peripheral products, in a sense can greatly improve the quality of search results, of course, there are some cheat flow. The search results on Google, Google search English also slightly inferior, do good, but do Chinese on search results except for some H The climate does not suit one., the accuracy is not high. read more