29 Nov

Do you know the characteristics of the site is down right


is the first to show me to drop right, is mainly analyzed from the love of the sea, as these nobles baby secondary flow of search engine, we will not carry on the analysis. This paper is dedicated to the novice friends, master will go quietly! The weight of a web site is very important in the search engine. The love of Shanghai is almost all web traffic sources, we do is to look at the station Shanghai love face to do, now most people love Shanghai make no temper. Usually if you do some wrong things in the process of operation of the site, then you will suffer from love Shanghai punishment: right down. Who will be K station, light over a period of time can’t get love from Shanghai traffic. So we usually see a website, but on the surface is not what the problem is, how should look to see whether it is love Shanghai read more

29 Nov

Hard operation site is K cause analysis

rely on love Shanghai webmaster meal is really vulnerable, love Shanghai update the webmaster to terror, after update is a few happy tears phenomenon. Love Shanghai algorithm also are all unpredictable, the station operated recently encountered a strange phenomenon: the site is K included in the end love sea, zero. But second days will recover, third days will be K, continuous hair problems, I really do not know what is premeditated love Shanghai. The author will analyze their website is the cause of the K. read more