22 Jul

Smart TV Kit is Googles next Home Mini Chromecast bundle

This “Smart TV Kit” bundle isn’t exactly new. Google was already selling such a product that put a Google Home Mini and a Chromecast inside a single box. It was a Walmart exclusive and simply called, well, “Google Home Mini and Chromecast Bundle”.The rebranding into a “Google Smart TV Kit” does imply a new focus. Instead of selling two separate products in a bundle, Google is shifting the narrative towards a multi-part kit to get you started on your smart home setup. You won’t even need a smart TV. Just this kit and your smartphone.The other noticeable change is the Chromecast that’s included in the kit. It’s the new third-gen Chromecast that was leaked just recently as well. While we still don’t know what has changed, at least now we know that it’s coming as early as next week.AdChoices广告Unfortunately, this Smart TV Kit leaked on Reddit also implies one other thing. There won’t be a new Home Mini refresh, unlike how Amazon just dumped a whole lot of new Echo products last month. Not unless a Home Mini v2 looks completely identical to the first. With just a week left before Google’s big hardware event of the year, all the leaks and even official teasers are falling into place. Unless there is actually no notch on the Pixel 3 XL, there might be nothing to surprise us when the actual reveals come. Especially thanks to leaks like this that leave no stone unturned, even product bundles that seem to offer nothing new until you take a closer look. read more