20 Dec

Inter-American Defense College Celebrates 50 Years of Academic Excellence

first_img As part of the celebrations of its 50th anniversary, the Inter-American Defense College (IADC) will hold a symposium from October 10-12, with the participation of some of its most prominent graduates, among them three Latin American dignitaries: the current Guatemalan president, Otto Pérez Molina, who will deliver the opening remarks in a recorded speech; former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, and former president of Ecuador, Lucio Gutiérrez. The symposium, to be celebrated at the IADC headquarters in Fort McNair, Washington, D.C., will be attended by civilian and military experts from several countries in the Americas, who will discuss the role of military forces in hemispheric security in confronting modern-day challenges such as drug trafficking, transnational organized crime and poverty, among others. During the three-day event, some of the most influential graduates, along with IADC professors, will present their opinions on the future of security in the Western Hemisphere, and the challenge of collaborating in the current scenario of hemispheric security convergences and divergences. Founded in October 1962, the IADC, which is a part of the Organization of American States (OAS), offers advanced courses on human rights, international relations, leadership, strategic analysis, civil-military relations, and conflict negotiation and resolution, to cite a few. In addition, students can obtain a Masters Degree in Hemispheric Defense and Security, as a result of an agreement with Chile’s National Defense Academy (ANEPE). IADC has a proven record of successful graduates, among them presidents, generals, admirals, ambassadors, and diplomatic mission chiefs. “The Inter-American Defense College is proud to contribute to the instruction of men and women that will become leaders and ambassadors of democracy and human rights across the hemisphere,” stated Rear Admiral Jeff Lemmons, IADC Director, during the graduation of Class 51, last June. As a finishing touch, on the last day of the event, Rear Adm. Lemmons will officially inaugurate a building intended to provide more ample space for educational activities, and as a symbol of the renewed commitment to another five decades of academic excellence. Indeed, what is said and commented in the article is really interesting, but is very regrettable that people, including myself, do not have access to a Chair like this and that only select groups of people who can get those benefits as presidents, ambassadors and general and admirals. Ordinary citizens cannot have access to those benefits. We are satisfied with reading what those smart and wise people write. By Dialogo October 05, 2012last_img read more