21 Sep

DataGuardian flash drive includes nohassle password protection

first_imgThere are a number of systems that allow for the data on a USB stick to be protected. Some manufacturers automatically encrypt all the data, others have software that can be installed for restricting access. But Super Talent has decided to make it incredibly easy to protect your USB drive without the need to install or do anything extra other than plug your stick in.The DataGuardian USB flash drive comes password protected out of the box. There is nothing to install or setup other than deciding what you want the password to be. This has been achieved by placing the password protection in the firmware of the drive. That way, every time the drive is inserted into a computer the password request pops up. Remove it and the data is protected again.As the protection system is in firmware you cannot accidentally delete it, and no one can remove or disable it. Super Talent also state that the DataGuardian protects against Autorun malware ensuring even if you put a malware-infected file on your drive it won’t be able to infiltrate a system.Three DataGuardian USB 2.0 models are available offering 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of storage space. Super Talent has yet to release pricing details.Read more at the Super Talent press releaseMatthew’s OpinionEveryone wants their data protected and this seems like the simplest way to add it to the drive. The user need do nothing, but every time the drive is inserted it requires a password. While a little annoying if you are constantly inserting and re-inserting, it gives you peace of mind that no one is accessing the data on it without your say so.What we don’t know is how easy it would be to bypass the security. Super Talent clearly list it as “consumer-grade security”. Does that mean in the right hands this password system can be bypassed? You could say that about any drive with any level of security measures. The DataGuard should be viewed as a deterrent for most people who come into contact with your flash drive.I’d actually like to see this solution expanded to larger USB sticks and to the USB 3.0 range too. If it could be setup to allow a user to choose to use it or not it would make for a great standard feature across Super Talent’s entire range going forward.last_img read more