18 Nov

By adapting, everything is possible, even to hold an event like Vinkovci Autumns

first_imgHowever, many visitors, who will have to follow the instructions, will be able to enjoy the performances of Croatian KUDs. Namely, the camera crew of Vinkovci Autumns, at the end of August and the beginning of September she traveled from Dubrovnik to Vinkovci and in 17 cities she filmed 23 cultural and artistic societies. On that way the spirit of the Vinkovci Autumns spread throughout Croatia, and the final product, after eight days of filming, will be displayed on a video wall in the center of Vinkovci. Vinkovci Autumns were on tour in Croatia where recordings of KUDs took place Photo: Vinkovci Autumns Every year, about 8.000 participants take part in the Vinkovci Autumns, and through 10 days of the Autumns, they attract about 100.000 visitors. How and what next? We will preserve the tradition, because tradition is one of the main tourist products of Vinkovci, a city located in an area where people have lived continuously for more than 8.300 years, a city where two Roman emperors were born and where despite all challenges and problems there are people wide souls ready to give you an unforgettable experience of Autumn in Vinkovci. Vinkovci Autumn on set in Zadar Thus, Vinkovci will once again, for the 55th time, show how they are a city that above all adheres to tradition. The program of the event was greatly influenced by the measures. Everything that Vinkovci Autumns are famous for will take place, but on a smaller scale. That’s right central parade, without which it is difficult to imagine the event, will pass through the streets of the City on Sunday, but only KUDs from Vukovar-Srijem County will be found in it. Still, we have no doubt that it will Grand opening on Friday, the parade will attract the largest number of fans of tradition, and that is why Vinkovci Autumns exist, preservation of tradition. We have no doubt that despite the measures, the City will come alive again in those four days, many tourists will visit Vinkovci, admire the costumes and carriages that hardworking Slavonians have prepared throughout the year – since the last Vinkovci autumns. They will eat “gifted underpants” at the daughter-in-law’s, drink a good drop and enjoy the sounds of the tambourine from morning to morning. center_img They are bigger than anything, nothing will turn them off! – verses of Bečar, a UNESCO-protected cultural heritage, which best describes this year’s edition of the event, which has lasted in Vinkovci for more than half a century. Streets and squares will take over tradition and costumes for which they are known Vinkovci Autumn. One of the largest traditional events in Croatia and beyond, which took place even during the Homeland War, and will be held in this time of crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. Vinkovci Autumns have been proudly preserving and nurturing Croatian traditional culture for 54 years, and the holding of this year’s Autumns was a great challenge, in accordance with the epidemiological situation and recommendations. Thus, this year’s Autumns have adapted to the current situation: instead of ten, they will be held for four days, and Vinkovci will not host cultural and artistic societies from all over Croatia and abroad, nor will there be large concerts accompanying the event. This year the key word is – adjustment. An adaptation that the Vinkovci Autumns embraced, and through a great idea and realization they held a tour of Croatia where they recorded KUDs in the cities that were to perform at the National Festival of Original Croatian Folklore. While this year’s 55th Vinkovci Autumns have been reduced to the framework, in accordance with all epidemiological measures, that they can still be held in Vinkovci. Vinkovci Autumns are not just another event, it is an event for which everyone is preparing, both participants and visitors. Hotel and private capacities are filled, not only in Vinkovci, but in the entire county and beyond. This is the best indicator of what this event, which has a traditional sign, has grown into. Photo / Video: Vinkovci Autumns The content is provided by HrTurizam in cooperation with Vinkovački jesenilast_img read more