1 Sep

Super Smash Bros 3DS bug causes characters to grow in size forever

first_imgOne of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, Super Smash Bros., makes its return just a few days from now on October 3, with the Wii U version releasing sometime later this year. The portable version of the game has been out in Japan for a few weeks now, and users have noticed an amusing bug that causes characters to grow exponentially. They become giants, and make their normal-sized opponent brawlers look tiny by comparison.One of the iconic attacks from the Smash franchise is when Yoshi swallows an opponent, encases the enemy in a polka-dotted egg, and poops it out. Normally, this attack stuns opponents until they break out of the egg, at which point they return to normal. However, this bug causes characters to increase in size each time they pop out of the egg. If Yoshi’s attack is performed continually, the character will continue to grow in size until they tower offscreen.User reports state that the glitch doesn’t happen in versus mode, and only appears in Solo All-Star Smash, so if you’re afraid of giant opponents, you can just avoid this mode until the glitch is squashed. However, if you want to see giant-sized Smash characters, the glitch appears to work on any character, even though the above video shows a Yoshi-on-Yoshi brawl. As you can see below from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade-style Jigglypuff, continually being pooped out of eggs will cause any character to grow.Image credit: Kiptr_ponzuThe US version of the 3DS installment releases in just a few days, so hopefully Nintendo will have the bug fixed in time for the launch.last_img read more