2 Mar

Dirtwire’s Wild, Wet, And Wonderful Guide to Thrive at Lightning in a Bottle 2017

first_imgDirtwire sits on the front porch of Americana’s future, conjuring up a whirlwind of sound using traditional instrumentation, world percussion, soundscapes, and electronic beats. Comprised of David Satori (Beats Antique), Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila; Stellamara), and Mark Reveley (Jed and Lucia), each performance brings both band and audience to a mysterious crossroads of beats, blues, African, Asian, and South American sounds. The result is a rebirth of Americana and a post-millennial psychedelic journey to downhome goodness. The trio is blazing a new path and blurring genres, doing it with fearlessness and frivolity taboot.The fine fellas of Dirtwire are beyond stoked for this weekend’s excursion to Bradley, CA for The DoLab’s annual Lightning in a Bottle. We’re happy to deliver their version of LIB’s tremendous Thrive Guide, 2017 edition.Dirtwire’s Wild, Wet and Wonderful Guide to Thrive at LIB 2017“Its that time of year! Bring your hats, floatie toys, SUP boards, sexy swimsuits, bandanas, and your water bottles. We’re going to light it up at LiB! We got water! Make sure to check out the madness in a super-chill floatie world!”There’s gonna be way too much fun to be had so here’s our guide to exploring the land and the water we call home:THE LAKE! Definitely check out as much as you can! No seriously, its going to be ridiculously fun wherever you go, but we recommend the Grand Artique, an amazing little town called Frontierville, straight out of the Wild West with great live music and vaudevillian shenanigans. Tons of Workshops!!! Check them out. The Landing – Earth Activism Hub is doing some important work along with so many others. Crazy times are upon us so lets learn from each other and create a new reality together. David Satori from Dirtwire (and Beats Antique) will be doing a workshop at the Landing – The Grid – Friday 10:15am on The Creative Process with a live demonstration on what goes into building a piece of music.The Learning Kitchen is an amazing place to tap into fun new ways of making things from Sushi to Super Food Power Balls!“Have a beautiful time and we look forward to kicking some dirt up with you!”With Love,Dirtwire  -David, Evan and MarkHave a gander at L4LM’s own B.Getz’s LIB Music Preview here!Have a peek behind the scenes of LIB’s brand new The Compass here!Check out Dirtwires new video for “SHISHKABOB,” directed by Nar Levoni.words: B.Getz Make a reservation at the Lighting Inn and go see what’s going on at Beacon if you’re craving some community and downtempo vibes go to the The Lodge or if you’re feeling like really getting down in the dust make sure you witness the greatness of the mighty Thunder Stage.last_img read more

18 Nov

Tourists pay 100 euros to pick olives and ride in a tractor

first_imgIf someone told you that the Butić family resort is only a few kilometers from Zadar, in the pre-season it hosts over 17.000 guests who also carry a hundred euros to pick olives with the cheerful host Ante, most will say that someone is joking, but that is tourism which we must strive for and tourism that takes place in the family resort Butić.Namely, the family farm Butić picnic area has been working since 2011 on the presentation of local indigenous food, whether it is delicious cheeses, prosciutto that is part of the processing is kept in the Nin Sea or delicious chocolates and meat under the baking lid. The whole family works hard to make the whole story have an authentic story, and most of all they make sure that the guests bring a special story of our region in their mouths and memories.Last year they started with the presentation of the olive picking offer, which had a great response among the guests, so this year they organized the same thing again, driving the guests to the field in a tractor, which was a very funny and interesting experience for most. Or rather an unforgettable experience that they are willing to pay well for. “We have been thinking for a long time how to create additional content that will not require too much investment, and which our guests will gladly accept. Visiting tourism fairs, various conferences, seminars and listening to the profession, we decided to offer olive picking as our trip three years ago. This means that our guests spend 100 euros to spend the day in the olive grove, have lunch outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and olive picking activities. We realized our idea with the help of the oldest agency Globtour-event and offered our guests and our region a new, interesting offer. “ Ante Butić points out and adds that the olive picking trip was recognized by various agencies, and that the reservation for this year  done, and for the next one there are very few terms left. This picture speaks a thousand wordsThis year, they hosted over a dozen groups, and guests have no problem traveling even 2 kilometers to come to Brisevo and stay in the countryside. It is the tourism we must strive for, our authentic story in every sense. In the upcoming holiday season, the Butić family resort organizes Christmas parties with the presentation of gift packages from local producers. “It is not easy for people in the hinterland who are engaged in tourism to attend all workshops or seminars, because often the working day ends very late. Through our work, we need quick information and help to improve our offerings and create a sustainable story whose results will benefit the entire community. We thank the Association for Rural Development Ravni kotari and the LAG in Laura, which is not part of our territory, but we are very happy to refer us to tenders and measures that we can apply. In addition, we gladly follow the work of other TZs in Croatia with which we have excellent cooperation and exchange of experiences, and we praise the work of TZ Benkovac, because such energy and programs should be an integral part of all TZ hinterlands, we are sorry that our home TZ counties often do not recognize the offers of the hinterland and the value of the rural part of the county that offers a lot “, the host Ante Butić told us at the end.Tourists want to experience an authentic way and culture of living, and especially local ecological delicacies, which they can pick up and taste immediately. With homemade wine, brandy and liqueurs and homemade food, it is the best possible tourist product. Who was driving the tractor? Who saw live cows, horses, chickens, geese, donkeys, sheep…?Tourists will pay to be you one day, to do your chores around the garden, feed the animals, and so pick olives, grapes, corn, etc.…Yes, someone will pay you to do your job! It is a story we must tell in rural areas as a major tourist product. Organic and organic food is a rapidly growing trend, as well as the need to experience the noise of silence and the smell of nature has become imperative, especially in major European cities.Picking tomatoes in the garden, slicing homemade prosciutto, drinking homemade wine – this is an experience that tourists are ready and willing to pay for. It is tourism.last_img read more