8 Dec

Noah Farrelly Run held virtually

first_imgPutrino said the last minute change in the run perfectly embodied Noah’s memory. “From when we’d run together it was kind of like, ‘I just finished dinner and I’m full of pasta, but lets go get a run in,'” Putrino said. “Running wherever or whenever was what Noah did.” Runners ran whenever and wherever they could to honor Noah’s memory. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The 2020 Noah Farrelly Run was held virtually on Sunday. Noah’s longtime friend Vincent Putrino said the event was different this year, not just because of the coronavirus moving it virtual, but because the field day element was cancelled. Noah’s mother, Bridgette Farrelly, said even being held online rather than in person, the run was once again a big success. center_img Despite the new challenge of a virtual run, around 400 participants lcad up their shoes and hit the trails. “You can add a twist on it if you want to go a little longer, run a couple of other streets. That is what we are going to do today. Go run a loop at the course and go run a little more,” said Putrino. “We have people here in town, people that came to run the course and people all across the state,” said Farrelly. “I was down here with some pom poms and some cow bells. We really made it fun.” “It’s such a challenging time that I really did not expect this type of turnout,” said Farrelly. “I am so grateful, I am so honored we really live in such a fantastic town.”last_img read more