12 May


first_img Comments are closed. NewsOn 1 Feb 2001 in Personnel Today Thismonth’s newsPersonalgain motivates the urge to learnManagersare likely to rate personal career plans as the primary influence on theirdevelopment needs, in preference to the future needs of the organisation.Thisis one of the findings of the Roffey Park Institute in Management Agenda 2001,an annual survey of more than 200 managers.Itfound that while 38 per cent of managers rank their career vision as amotivator, only 29 per cent feel the needs of the organisation is the primarydriver.“Organisationshave to realise that there is an element of self-interest which could be totheir detriment,” said report author Caroline Glynn. “Managers have taken onboard the idea which has been pushed at them for the past couple of years thatthey have to be employable, and they are gathering what they see as therelevant skills.” Thesurvey also illustrates the growing role of the training professional as aconsultant.Externaltraining and on-the-job development are seen as key elements to individualgrowth. Only one-third refer to their training manager or line manager to keepup to date with the courses or opportunities.www.roffeypark.comBuildersset LSC agendaConstructionbody the CITB has set its cap at the incoming Learning and Skills Council. Thismonth it will publish its Workforce Development Planning Brief  2001-2005 to draw attention to skills needsin construction. Thesector needs to recruit and train 370,000 people in the next five years, itsays.TheCITB hopes around 40-50,000 people a year from other sectors, such asagriculture, mining and the armed forces will retrain. It is also looking for22,000 people to enter the industry each year through new entrant training and10,000 through construction-related courses in formal education.TheCITB will also use the brief to call on the LSC to fund shared use offacilities in schools and colleges to assist post-16 education and training.  www.citb.co.uk Brokers’needs unrecognisedManufacturersand their business partners and brokers are at odds over training requirements,according to The Channel Partners Survey published by performance improvementcompany Maritz Learning Systems.Aleast one-third of the partners (referred to as “channel partners”) felt theirtraining needs were overlooked, most acutely in the car and insurance sectors.Whenasked which areas of performance they most wanted to improve, the channelpartners ranked customer service as crucial, whereas manufacturers listedproduct knowledge.Bothparties are also slow to innovate training delivery methods such as distancelearning, even though they cite lack of time as hindering development.www.maritz.co.uk Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more